Building of new QE Class Carriers begun today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Andrew_1980, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. So that's a possibility then?

    I know pretty much zero about all this, just found the article and thought it might worthwhile in posting..
  2. A few bits of steel do not an aircraft carrier make. When they start fitting the expensive systems like engines will be the time to celebrate. Even then they could be sold.
  3. "The Queen Elizabeth class, an aircraft carrier, is to be re-branded with the slight difference that it will now be designated an "Ambiguous warfare ship", in that we do not essentially know whether it will be built or not, we do not know if it will fly M35 or Typhoon on the budget allocated or not, we do not know whether or not it will be £5 billion over-budget as estimated ALTHOUGH, what we can tell you, is that it will or it won't be carried through." :p
  4. If they get as far as completing the Hulls, they'd make good prison ships. look at the size of the secure exercise yard.
  5. Genius - good work Sir :lol:
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    All the steel was up in Scotstoun back in late April when I was up there. They'd even begun marking out the sheds where the 16000 tonne units were going to be fitted out.

  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yip, but its never going to be completed according to the RR defence analysts. :roll:
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've always wondered if the upturned boat featured in that painting of 'The Boyhood of Raleigh' wasn't part of some cancelled Tudoor defence project.
  9. I do try ;)

    Possibly, though I remember hearing somewhere on here that Invincible was recently cannibalised for parts/breaking.. perhaps this how they'll save cash on the new carrier, essentially a clapped-out 1992 Civic with a 2009 bodykit :lol:

  10. Ferking 'Ell!!!!

    The carriers have been cancelled [email protected][email protected]!

    Goes to the link…

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  11. Too true. The Malta Class post-war supercarriers were cancelled and HMS Leviathan was 75% complete before work stopped and she languished for 20 years before being broken up.

    Steel is just that - steel, which can be melted down into something else.

    If we can't have 2 decent carriers, fully mission capable, with enough of an Air Group to make them work then I'd rather not prostitute the rest of the Fleet to end up with 2 floating white elephants of a compromised design (which, I fear, is what we will end up with) :(
  12. Why won't they make their bloody minds up before spending money on it if it might or might not be completed? Plonkers. Surely if history repeats itself and projects have been cancelled before, that they'd LEARN from that..? Mighty weird.

    and Oil_Slick - story is still up on the RN main page, link has changed is all.

  13. History repeats as they say…

    "…Experience and study have shown that only one type of operation exists for which carriers and carrier-borne aircraft would be indispensable; that is the landing or withdrawal of troops against sophisticated opposition outside the range of land-based air power. It is only realistic to recognise that we, unaided by our allies, could not expect to undertake operations of this character in the 1970s - even if we could afford a larger carrier force. .... Our plan is that, in the future, aircraft operating from land bases should take over the strike-reconnaissance and air-defence functions of the carrier ... Airborne early-warning aircraft will ... [subsequently] operate from land bases.…"

    Defence White Paper - 22 February 1966

    And lets be realistic, If the One Eyed Porridge Wog wasn't worried about keeping his seat were they are going to be built, they'd have been scrapped by him years ago.
  14. My god that Defence White paper was absolutely spot on - carrier air wasn't indispensable during the 1970s! It's a shame about what happened in 1982 though eh? Still we only lost hundreds of men and a few ships unnecessarily and who gives a s**t about that?

  15. Well, did you not notice the hordes of RAF planes that Labour promised would darken the skies over our massed armadas as we set off to have a fisticuffs with Johhnie Foreigner in their brave new post Suez world?

    I'm sure as part of the new 'defence review' aka spending cuts, they will once more trot out a similar pearl of wisdom to justify once more scrapping some essential defence capability
  16. Fer Fcuks sake matelots cheer up.

    Even the Arrse thread on this topic was happier reading.
  17. You forget to add that the use of landbased aiircraft was based on having TSR2 and Crabair moving the island of Gan a few miles, neither happened.

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