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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by MrJK, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Hello :thumright:

    Well i work 5pm till 9pm, gives me £94 a week which i spend on shit basically, i admit i have bought Maxismucle twice to gain muscle. Since failing my PRMC 5 months ago i have commited myself to the gym nearly everyday doing something.. 3 miles to me now is a piece of piss 'thank god' i would usually run for 45 minutes at a fast pace, and i wouldn't find myself out of breath, just ache. Press ups to me are now not a problem!!

    But.... work does get in my way, i have to catch the bus at 3:45 just to start at 5 and i get back at half 10 also..

    If i went to the gym on a regular basis keeping fit and doing loads of cardio, ''My PRMC is in 2 months time'' without out me buying Maximuscle, and perhaps not being able to buy certain foods for protein, do you think i will loose the fitness?

    Is it worth it, so i can spend all those 2 months focusing and getting extremely fit?


    PS, im only 17 and still live with me mum, so i do get fed :thumright:

  2. Okay mate - firstly, protein in your diet is important as it rebuilds broken down muscle and aids recovery. You do not however need to supplement with Maximuscle (which is shoite anyway) unless you are into bodybuilding or you are REALLY beasting your body. Just eat lots and sensibly and most importantly get the water down your neck!!! Remember for RM/RMR carbs are just as, if not more important than protein. Carbohydrates to give you the energy to beast yourself, protein to repair your body afterwards.

    Secondly you will not lose fitness by not taking protein. It has absolutely no effect on your fitness in any way. To sort yourself out not only for PRMC but just to generally get your body fit and prepared, then start the following.

    * Longer steady paced runs, until you can comfortably jog 10 miles.
    * Hill sprints. Find a hill of 100m - sprint up and walk/jog down x 10 reps
    * Circuit training. Target your major muscle groups in 30 second bursts x 3 circuits
    * Hill walking. Get a daysack and a pair of boots on and get on the hills. Dont run, just get used to being on your feet for hours and going up and over the hills at a leisurely stroll.

    Your cardiovascular fitness has improved and thats why your not out of breath when you run, but you ache because you lack muscular endurance. This is why you must gradually increase your running distance and get out hillwalking - to increase the stamina in your legs!!

    Thirdly, if your struggling to find time to train with your work, then why not run home from work? Every second day, get your trainers on and put your clothes in a daysack and jog home. Its what I do (and cycling)

    Lastly, train hard and enjoy it, but remember to give your body lots of rest. 3 days training, 1 days rest in that cycle. Mix running, cycling, weights, circuits, hillwalking and hill sprints into your schedule. This will give you a good all round fitness which is exactly what you need.

    Good luck and if you need any more advice PM me.

  3. all the maximuscle stuff is crap unless you are heavily into bodybuilding try eating a high protein diet and eat more


    just eat more food
  4. Oggies from Franks Oggie Shop near St.Levens gate in Guzz worked for me!! (Is it still there, or another victim of gastronomical correctness?)
  5. st levens gate is that the 1 by the railway bridge

  6. Thanks alot Spenny!!

    My last PRMC i struggled during the determination test but i still completed it, also gym test 2 alot of circuit training but i was at the front most of the time. I only struggled when it came to holding yourself up doing press ups slowly etc etc...

    once again, thanks!
  7. No dramas mate, Just remember that building the phys to be in a unit like the Royal Marines, takes time, commitment and a lot of effort.

    Personally for me, I find its not how often I work out but how intense my phys session is. For example (and please dont try this as a Recruit or you will end up injured!!!) if im short on time I will pack my bergan with 40lbs and in issue boots, I will sprint 2 miles in around 16 minutes. A short, sharp, hard workout - you dont need to spend 3 hours in the gym. Thats actually counter-productive!!

    Thats just an example mate, but a 20 minute hill sprint session when your short on time will do wonders to your fitness. Just push yourself outside of your comfort zone and DO NOT STOP until you physically cant do any more. You will see a noticeable improvement in a very short space of time.

    Just remember to eat well, drink lots of water, have evenly spaced out rest days and DO NOT train through injury.


    Note: Just to point out mate - I am not a Royal Marine but do have some past experience. I am however joining the RMR.
  8. just join the navy - all u need is the ability to move ya hand up to ya mouth with a pint in it!!!! will soon build ya arm muscles up if ya swap ;)
  9. is this forum just full of civvies shitting themselves about training programs and dietetics to pass the PRMC?? seriously fellas stop being beef and just crack it. ur careers office will give you a training programme to follow, and its like the saying "doesn't matter how much training you do, it still doesn't feel like enough" end of the day no matter how fit you are YOU'RE STILL GONNA HANG OUT UR ARSE. get used to it.
  10. My bold.

    Fair one mate but this young lad failed PRMC once and obviously needs guidance on how best to prepare for it .

    Yes the careers office give you a generalised program, but if there are other means of obtaining invaluable information (normally gained through experience) then why not use it? Besides, if hes failed it once after following that program, then its obviously not suited to his training needs.

    Im no expert on the Corps and have already said Im not a Bootneck - however I do have a lot of experience in phys and being beasted from my past life, hence the reason Im trying to help him out.

    Your right though, either way its gonna hurt!!
  11. yea, i know what you mean spen, but it just seems like thats all that people post on here now!!!

    i found doing less phys actually helps, cos ur already used to hanging out, it doesn't come as a surprise!!!
  12. Funny you say that mate. ...........I train less now but am definitely fitter then before. It goes back to what I said to our young man here - its not how often or for how long you train, Its how hard you push yourself!!!

    You still in 45 mate?
  13. yea mate, summer leave finishes on sunday - ****!!!!!
  14. Hahah - Aye it never seems quite long enough eh!! Didnt you lads just get back from Afghanistan in April too? Well fckn deserved summer break there mate!!

  15. Onwards to Welshmanshire now is it for a spell in the hills

  16. yea, we had 8 weeks off after, bloody needed it too!!
  17. Carbs before exercise protein after.
    I swear by cans of tuna.

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