Build another two Type 45 D's

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by MajorGeneralMarkov, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not de crying any efforts to improve the RN's lot, but, have any of these petitions to the government acheived anything, on reflection maybe one did help the Gurkahs but apart from that I fear its more bullshite from HMG
  2. It's just a PR sop to the voting peasants from our caring, sharing, "listening", Nu Liebor Government.

    Don't mean nuthin'!
  3. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to build another two Type 45 (Daring Class) Destroyers. More details

    Submitted by Mr Matthew Bate – Deadline to sign up by: 13 November 2009 – Signatures: 15

    erm is this not the 15th Nov?

    With only 15 sigs It might not get you a RHIB never mind a Type 45
  4. Jimmy

    In case you have not noticed it is 2008 this year!! This gives us a full year to get every man, his dog, his dogs granny, and all and sundry to sign. I know its asking a lot but if we could all get a million or so it may just make a differnce, although with new labour, i doubt it!!!
  5. Don't mind Jimmy. It's Saturday and he has obviously started drinking already. On the bright side he can now reset his watch one year.

  6. Or how about a petition to get some ships built that might actully be of some use. In fact, F**k it, lets petition the government to buy some American ships like the Arleigh Burke-class. I'm sure two of them would better than all the other 45's put together.
  7. You on the wrong side of the International Date Line out there in the South Pacific young Jimmy?


  8. eerm yes!!!!! :violent1:
    when over a million and a half told broon to piss off with his mileage tax he soon stopped.
  9. Cant blame the drink shouldve had me glasses on!!!

    Good luck hope you get the extra build
  10. Their has been one or two thats all as you say the Gurkha's is a big success and excuse if i get the name wrong heald court you will know what i mean .But most of them dont do much get the problems noticed thats about all
  11. erm no, the mileage tax is being piloted in a couple of areas now.


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