Budget Problems? What Budget Problems?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by fullasternboth, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. Anchor faced Git that I am, March's Navy News dropped on the doormat this morning. Low and behold in the sports section was an article stating that 50 Reservists had taken part in the RN Ski Championships.

    Someone please tell me that these Hooray Henrys paid for this themselves and ,that at a time when training days are being capped, it didn't come out of the RNR's Budget.
  2. The travel would have been paid but they would probably only got two days pay for it.

    If you want some AT action, stop dripping and go and get it. You name it you can do it; parachuting, sailing, climbing and even skiing. Ask your AT officer at the unit what's going.
  3. I'm not dripping about not getting AT, I'm dripping about there not being enough money in the budget to train for our core roles. If we we go in against Iran or North Korea are we going to deploy the Ski team? Training has been cancelled this year beacuse of overspends, but 50 people can have have a free holiday at pussers expense!
  4. You obviously don't know the funding arrangement for the Ski Championships do you? It is self funded, but to offset costs there is pay on a sliding scale according to rank. JR's get several days, SR less IIRC. At Officer level by Lt it's 1 days pay and Lt Cdr's and above get none.

    'Hooray Henry's'? More and more JRs going these days (maybe they are 'Hooray Henry's?).

    I realised that you have concerns about funding, but there has to be an element of 'fun' and opportunities to do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. That has dissapeared since Telic, and Command are worried about consequent drop in retention.
  5. There has to be a balance between the work hard, play hard ethic. All work and no play makes Jack (and Jenny) etc etc. As I understand it everyone is entiltled to 2 days AT per year. Part of me has to agree with FAB that this expenditure in the current financial climate does seem a bit excessive. Also irks me a bit that participation in this seems to be a bit of a closed shop. (Not that I ski, so wouldn't be going anyway, winding neck in)
  6. So, with the exception of the pay detailed above, there is no cost to pusser? Travel, accomodation etc.
  7. Not with RNR anyway - don't know about regulars, whether instructors get extra leave etc. Travel, accomodation is all self funded, though group grants from service charities and funds are applied for and frequently granted, but nothing from the RU budget apart from pay as described above.
  8. OK, Firmly back in box-Until the next time.
  9. Didn't mean it to be like that, though I guess it proves the value of such a forum where ypu can get gen info.
  10. "If we we go in against Iran or North Korea are we going to deploy the Ski team?"

    Quality quote i just swamped myself :)
  11. I agree Biffa Lad, quallity comment!
    At are Unit we'd deploy the 'Fat Officers Team' 'The really thin and boring Comms team' and the 'We're so drunk we've just wet ourselves Loggi squad'!
  12. There are always budget problems. For the RN and the RNR. Doesn't seem to stop the conduct of Adventurous Training though, does it?

    Now why do you think that is? Could it be the hierarchy actually think its a good idea? Well aparently they do. Under the Topmast Squad system, those not on frontline duties are actively encouraged to do AT.

    The Ski Championships are considered as AT. The RN participants, who are already being paid, usually wont forfeit any leave for it. Subject to local budgets they can claim for travel to their point of departure, sometimes for travel to resort and may even get CILOR (Cash in lieu of Rations) if staying in self-catering.

    Can you begrudge the RNR, who will probably have taken leave from the 'day-job', a couple of days AT pay and a trip to the airport? They will still have made a significant personal contribution to the trip.

    BTW the 'pay' is centrally funded by ComMarRes and shouldn't therefore have any effect on the local budget that pays for your Operational Training.

    PS - Skiing is fun, but winning medals for it is more fun! :D

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