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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flatbackpinky, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Having just had a quick look at the treasuries summary leaflet it makes me realise how stupid or complacent the average british citizen is. There are several things in there I did not realise, such as are glorious leaders are now spending £30B on interest payments compared to £32B on defence. I was under the impression that when gordon took over the govt was receiving a surplus and therefore paying off this debt.

    The other thing in the leaflet that grips my shit is that for a chancellor that is supposed to be so prudent they govt is predicted to spend £34B more than it will get in revenue and this figure is set to riseeven further over the next 3 years.

    If i set up a buisness or ran an existing company and said to the bank manager or share holders that I would increase company debt by 5% year on year so i need more money to keep my mates happy, I think the only thing i would walk away with is a large fcuk off pill. Yet we the voters think this is ok .

    I am not saying I have the answers to this but then I'm on the average male wage for the Uk according to treasury figures not a hyper salary for a consulant or a ministers package that is probably worth 10 times the average income or maybe 20 times the real average income.

    Someone somewhere knows the answers I just they would come forward and publicly announce them in plain english.
  2. Pinky I for one have never voted for Bliar and I am sure now that most of the voters do not think this is OK. Time will tell at the next election but it will take a long time and hardship to get the country back after Labours mess
  3. The whole Neue Arbiet project was a smoke and mirrors show, the smokes clearing and they are being shown for the crooks they really are. Pensions grab anyone?
  4. That is what I am alluding to. A nation being lend to bancrupcy by the moraly bancrupt.
  5. Its always the same with Labour they inherite a stable economy.
    Hoodwink the voters into believing they will deliver things, never do but get the country back into massive debt with total waste of resources and public money and the circle goes round again.
  6. Being a cynic I dont believe any of the parties have "our" best interests at heart . Politics has become a proffession rather than a calling to do the best you can for your country and its citizens regardless of the personal cost.

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