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Lantern Swinger
Hi all,

It appears to me that most people wanting to join the RMs want to know what service life is really all about.

We see lots of questions about 'how to become a sniper' and such and many of the questioners are then ridiculed.

I've just launched a test site - 'A Day in the life of a Royal Marine'.

If it shows promise, I'll invest time and money in producing a proper, dedicated site.

What I'm after is - Is there anybody prepared to contribute an article or three, describing a day in the life of a: general duties RM; an RM sniper; an RM chef etc.

It need not be full of excitement, the mundane is of equal value, as are the runs ashore and general dits. The idea is to provide a source of information that people actually want to read about.

They want to know about barracks life, as much as about exercises and operations.

As an ex-matelot, I've started to post some dits and I'm writing about my son's efforts to join the Corps.

The test site isn't set up to contribute direct, so if anybody's interested, please PM me.

Many thanks


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