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well I'll be those monks who bru bucky must be shocked at what there tonic has done. Maybe a rethink is in order perhaps it should be remove from the shelves or reduced in strenght or is it a westminster plot to to keep FRISP society subjgated (sorry about the spelling).
Was wondering, we've got the FRISP "NEDS" onto it cant we get the chavs involved as well? Once we have confirmation its only a quick trip down the A38 to introduce some antifreeze? Then its SORTED.


Lantern Swinger
As stated in the article, it's not the monks problem if people (I use the term very loosly) want to get wasted on it and beat the preverbial out of each other then thats their problem.
The distributor is correct, Why should the monks change a drinks ingrediants when its been about for 80 years just on a whim or because its cheap and the scum of the earth can get wasted cheaply?

Left them beat the crap out of each other but leave the monks alone, its not their fault. Rant over
Tis all true I fear. Remember some years ago strolling into the Legion in Holytown (I think that's where it was?) and on the gantry behind the bar was a line of bottles inserted into a number of optics. Most of the bottles were of the revered lunatic soup, Buckfast. Such connoiseurs they were in (as was then) lanarkshire. If one cares to dlve into the social habits and fabric of and evenings/weekends pass times in the area it explains quite a lot..... 8)

Tis not the first time that this particular tincture has been blamed for the ills of Scottish youth etc and no doubt it will not be the last.... :)


Lantern Swinger
Superpom: Holytown was the place I lived when I first left the Andrew. The new estate had just about been built. Drank at the nearest Waterhole - The White House - I think it was. Got smashed on Bucky one evening, took my motorscooter out for a spin and ended up being rocketted over the handlebars when I couldn't get around the roundabout at the top of the village and ended up skiteing down the middle of the road. Knee fcuked but never felt a thing. Amazing stuff is that Bucky. Even let the young nubile 20 something year old doctor stitch my knee up without an anaesthetic. She said I had already had too much of that for it to be safe...what a girl....lol..
:geek: The true wine buff will only sample "Buckie" two bottles at a time on a park bench before 0800hrs on an empty stomach. :roll: I am informed that this is very good for the movement of the bowels. :drunken:

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