'Buck stops here' admits Browne

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hawkeye, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Having just listened to him on the radio he is working hard on shifting the blame onto 2SL.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I wish, bet he doesn't.
  3. Do I detect an ever so slight dislike for Des?
  4. I think its a lot more than that Maxi
    I for one am sick and tired of the Labour party and the damage they have done to the
    Armed Forces, Schools, Police, Health Service, Pensions, Housing Market in fact anything they try to govern bunch of Fu**wits the lot of them.
  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As much as I like Second, I do think he's pissed on his own bonfire here. There is nothing like an enraged Minister, bent on revenge, for cocking your career up....
  6. S[pawn of Satan they may be but they are the 'peoples choice' and if we get them to get rid of all the bummers they have in the cabinet now they might find some one decent and manage to get back in next time round. No let todays lot of duffers have a bit more time in office and we can be sure they wont get back next time.
  7. Yep… If I were 2SL I'd be tapping up one of the defence contractors for a Directorship right now.
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    or negotiating a deal with a tabloid for his side of the story..
  9. You misunderstand Hawkeye: it not THAT buck, it's the $$$ variety! The 2SL will carry the other type of buck!
  10. Funny...how what turned out to be a good bit of diplomacy and PR getting them released has turned into one of the biggest crisises the government have faced for quite a while!!

    Just shows how a week in politics is indeed a long time!
  11. PMSL your right AaC
  12. The Buck stops but no resignation

    Now Sir Michael Rose is suggesting No 10 is to blame for the story selling fiasco Des says its down to him! No surprise this:


    Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, has accepted responsibility for allowing two of the 15 British service personnel captured by Iran to sell their stories to the media.
    Six of the seized personnel gave a press conference last Friday, but two of the party, including OM Arthur Batchelor (second from the left) have been paid for subsequent interviews
    In what appeared to be an attempt to take the heat off of the Prime Minister, who was last night drawn into the row over the sale of the sailors' stories, Mr Browne acknowledged: "Ultimately, the buck stops here."

    A barrage of criticism followed the decision to let Leading Seaman Faye Turney and Operator Maintainer Arthur Batchelor profit from their ordeal.
    David Cameron this afternoon called for a full investigation into how the decision was made, and said Mr Browne's handling of the situation had been "calamitous".
    But the Conservative leader stopped short of calling on the Defence Secretary to step down. "I think we need a fuller explanation - explanation should come before resignation," he said.
    Michael Moore, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, told the BBC that the decision-making process had been "disastrous", and said the affair had "seriously undermined" the reputation of the Armed Forces.

    Mr Browne insisted that he had been asked only to "note" the Navy's decision, not endorse it, and claimed that he had not been entirely content with the analysis presented to him.
    He added that the initial advice he had been given was that the Navy "had no alternative" but to allow the personnel sell their stories.
    And he conceded for the first time that the Ministry of Defence wanted to use the soldiers as weapons in the propaganda war against the Iranian regime.
    "People need to understand that as these young people who had come back safely were being debriefed, the view was taken by the Navy that it was in their interests to have an opportunity to counteract the propaganda the Iranians had put out," he said.
    Browne: Under pressure to explain decision
    His statement came as OM Batchelor, the youngest of the captives from HMS Cornwall in Iran, said he was concerned he had disappointed his colleagues by speaking out in a national newspaper.
    The 20-year-old told the Plymouth Evening Herald that if the Navy had guided him earlier, he would not have accepted payment for his account and said he was "scared of a backlash" following his deal with the Daily Mirror.
    The Navy quickly moved to reinstate its ban on serving personnel selling their stories after the scale of public anger became clear. That left OM Batchelor and Ldg Seaman Turney exposed as the only members of the captured crew to have gone public with their accounts.
    Both have faced strong personal criticism by past and present members of the armed forces.
    The 14 men and one woman were snatched by Iranian forces after allegedly straying across the Iraqi border last month, The British Government insisted the patrol had not strayed into Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, last week released the captives, describing the act as an Easter "gift" to Britain
  13. Re: The Buck stops but no resignation

    Is an OM the same thing as a Stoker, a Mech... or a Tiff?

    Forgetful of Eastbourne.
  14. Re: The Buck stops but no resignation

    Of course nothing has been reported on any suggestions or instructions from Des to the MOD before they made their descision to allow selling the stories. If senior officers were merely carrying out his instructions then of course the note would just be to nform him f their action to comply with his request, he had already made his descision before the note was presented.

    It is nt surprising that when you throw toung red meet to the wolves things get out of hand, of cours young OM Batchelor could have made better choices with some suitable advice, but it appeared to be in the politicos advantage to throw them to the wolves withou expert help.
  15. Yes it hasn't taken long for these bufoons to destroy hundreds of years of proud naval history, we are the laughing stock of the world. Of course it has pushed on to the back burner the reasons why this capture happened in the first place. No longer will we be able to call countries that we think little of 'Tin pot Regimes' as we are now one ourselves. As for Broon stating the buck stops with him, I think not it stops at No10.
  16. Re: The Buck stops but no resignation

    I dont think we can really compare Batch and Turney, ones a sprog, looks like hes still at primary school and the other is a LH with a fair bit of time in the mob behind her, she should know better and what her oppos would think and feel about what she has done.

    The article from Plymouth Herald by Batch saying he would have made a more informed decision if the Mob had given him better guidance is fair, hes a kid and a JR who was not properly ordered what to do. This whole thing is exactly what happens when there is poor communication from the ranks to the rates.

    A LH should have known better, an OM really doesnt know much unless hes told what to do.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: The Buck stops but no resignation

    Is there anything young Arthur isn't scared of? I think he seriously needs to take a long hard look at himself and his chosen profession.
  18. Re: The Buck stops but no resignation

    Don't make excuses for the two grubby little gold diggers, the damage they have done to the service is beyond words.
  19. Re: The Buck stops but no resignation

    Really, you think it reasonable to expect a LH to be brighter and more savvy than some of the most senior officers and civil servants in the MOD. In the circumstances I am surprised that only 2 were signed up beforethe dor was slammed shut again. They were told it was OK to talk to the press and take money for it, by those at the very top, and you expect a L/H to 'know' it was wrong. They were thrown to the wolves with no advice, and we are surprised they fell for it, I am more surprised only 2 got caught.

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