Buck House Guard makes a rude gesture!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Richie, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Buckingham Palace Guard makes a rude gesture!

    YouTube: 'Buckingham Palace Plonker'

    The Foot Guard, clad in the famous bearskin and scarlet tunic, was caught making the obscene hand movement by an American tourist. The video clip shows him turning his head - apparently to catch the attention of a colleague - before shaking his right fist up and down. She posted the clip on the YouTube website with the title "Buckingham Palace Plonker", prompting the Army to launch an inquiry.

    "We're identifying the individual. This behaviour is unacceptable," an Army spokesman said.

    The Foot Guards have become an iconic symbol of Britain and the Royal Family, and the daily the changing of the guard ceremony is one of London's biggest tourist draws.

    Visitors regularly try to in vain provoke the stone-faced guards into a smile or a conversation, making this soldier's behaviour even more astonishing.
  2. Well wankie poo!
  3. Fxxxxxxxxxxg wanker ,{pun intended} .
  4. Somebodys going to get a cricket batting, negative LG280.
  5. Its DOCTORED... you can see the split on the back ground, and the reflection of the stop motion lens, if you put the clip through Movie maker... sorry to spoil what cound have been a good post.

    Bloody good entertainment though
  6. One is not amused!!!!

    Remember the Household Cavalry at Caernarvon accidentally on purpose nudging us as they trotted by.

    Then the rumour was circulated that all inferior regts to the guards/household cavalry :pukel: would be brought to attention on there passing.

    Good old stripey timber woods stood in the middle of the road and brought it to the attention of the crowds that RM is inferior to nobody. That brought a few words from the septics in the crowd.
  7. In the absence of anything actually in the media, I'm moving this to DLs.

    And fwiw I agree with Pinch.
  8. Spoilsports , bah humbug .
  9. These pongos are probably going to be dodging bullets sometime in the near future defending our home land far away from these shores. If they can squeeze a bit of fun in beforehand good for them. How about a bayonet charge at the Elmers poking cameras through the bars of their "cage".
    The way things are going no unit will be able to provide cover for the Royal spongers protection. Give the job to traffic wardens....it'll solve the traffic congestion in the Mal at least. Better yet get the Royals to fund their protection from all the homeless living rough in and around London. THAT solves two problems in one go!
  10. What did he do wrong. His behaviour looked normal to me.... for a pongo :biggrin:

  11. PMSL . :salut: :angel13: :salut:
  12. Looked like a Welsh Guard to me. Even brown jobs need discipline; sand pit or not.

    Call me old fashioned; but!
  13. Not forgetting the mass slaughter of bears in Canada for those silly hats.

    One dead bear one silly hat!!

    Hug a whale kiss a tree!!
  14. I think the Guardsman should be transferred to Army Intelligence, Just by looking at the person / persons filming him he worked out they were WANKERS well done :thumright:

  15. Love your Avatar..... be honest... do you miss her?

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