Buccs Hunters and Lightnings for sale!!!

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Damn, I wish I had lots of money :cry: But, then, what to do, what to do? Single seat Hunter or the single seat Lightning? My local population would get a tad annoyed at me running along the beach at not too many feet and then zoom climbing to 50 000' in my Lightning but the sheer joy at flying he Hunter (again)........I can't decide, so I'm not going to get either :sad11:
  2. :laughing2: But being an ex FAA Pilot, and very brave and steely eyed, old and bold!!! you might want to go oh! so low in a Bucc, and take me along in the back seat:-D
  3. Get the Bucc Pontius put Scouse in the back seat, I will give the strike sight a service and then go and take out Tottenham!
  4. PMSL would a long toss be in order Slim????:laughing2: Ps just found Pontius in his wildest dreams!!! http://www.aircrew-saltire.org/art/buccaneer2.jpg

  5. Now that IS Low Level
    As for Long toss, no just an ADSL attack or even simple dive bombing, don't suppose the Gangstas have anything in their arsenal to wory a Bucc crew
  6. Might do the decent thing:evil3: and give the Gangstas/Bruvvers, the normal 3 seconds to pull out option:laughing2: oops sorry to late:angel7:
  7. IIRC, some geezer up in Launceston bought a European camouflaged Lightning and parked it in his front garden - dunno if it's still there. They looked better in bare metal finish, like the Mk 53s and 55s we operated from Tabuk in Saudi.
  8. There's a bare metal Lightning parked up on a plinth outside Castle Motors on the A38 heading towards Liskeard (from the Plymouth direction).

    I believe the owner of Castle Motors used to be a Lightning pilot (or just very quick!)
  9. Unfortunately it was a take off shot taken from this.

    The nose wheel fairing is still open.
  10. Thunder City Bucc

  11. Now then, now then! What is all this mutinous talk of me and a 2 seater. I'll have you know I didn't spend hours in front of the mirror cultivating my selfish git, single seat persona for nothing. Scouse, I can offer you first class service from a Japanese lovely, courtesy of my boring civvy life as a bus driver (air) but if I'm going to spend more money, that I haven't got, on a pointy aircraft (or blunt in the Lightning's case) then I'm afraid my Billy-No-Mates, glass-chewing, single seater personality will win :male:

    .....and we'll have no 'bigging up' the Crabs either. RAF Bucc, whatever next :roll:
  12. Last edited: Aug 9, 2011
  13. Loved it, Scouse. I think I'll have to concentrate on cultivating the slurred English Gentry accent! One is far too common speaking with a dialect of Twickenham and Yeovil :)
  14. Note the car number plate Pontius:laughing2::laughing2: http://usera.imagecave.com/scouse/na39zh41.jpg Loads of double barralled here, and a Hornblower:-D

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