Buccaneer Probe Markings

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Anybody know what the markings are?

    Question from Father in Law?
  2. not being funny but is that a Banana jet ???
  3. Course I do!
    As a Strike Sight King I used to calibrate the weapons system. The Buccanneer had a couple of modes one called dive bombing the other A.D.S.L. (Automatic Depressed Sight Line) ADSL was simi;ar to dive bombing but instead of diving in a straight line the computer generated a sight target which caused the pilot to dive in an arc rather than straight line as in dive bombing. This suppossedly made i more difficult for enemy radar to lock onto the aircraft. Both of these modes used degrees od depression ,i.e. 4degree dive bombing 5 degree dive bombing etcetera. Now some boffin decided that if for some reason the strike sight system failed an attack could still be carried out visually by using markings on the flight refuelling probe. These were marked out using the strike sight telescope (scouse will remember it well) to align the marks with certain degrees of depression (I forget the numbers now cos me brain id old and fuddled).
  4. Mk1 the days of no inflight refuelling probe!! deliver bombs in a 20 degree dive to within 20 yards. In the Mk2 SIR never selected his master armament switch to ADSL until he was steady in a dive, in order to preclude "premature" release of his bombs as he rolled into the dive
  5. Cheers fellas

    Father in law is a budding aviation artist (Pencil), I belive he has a commision to do a Bucc for somebody.

    Did me a brilliant Sea Harrier

    sea fury.jpg

    Sea Fury
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2011
  6. Duxford Update look in News and links

    Cheers fellas, will see Father in law about getting you a copy of the Bucc print when done.
  7. Slim will not be amused, at the article in your link... "If the strike sight system failed ":cry: He was "THE STRIKE SIGHT KING" ;-P !! with no failures??
  8. Only when he was off watch!!!

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