Buccaneer crash Tain range 1965

Hello out their i would dearly like to see the accident report of the above crash L/T CDR Watson and L/T Hulme still cant believe it happened after all this time / any ideas/ cheers Scouse


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Re: Buccaneer crash Tain range 1966

I don't know the details of this one, but in 1963 at Tain I watched a Buc 1 (of the squadron then commanded by Lyn Middleton) piloted by one Joe Billingham come barrelling in at fifty feet and take out a small brick out-house with 25lb practice bombs. I would imagine such an exercise could too easily go wrong.
thanks seaweed i can remember Lyn Middleton being the C/O of the squadron i think after Spiv Leahy what a legend in my eyes he did his pre flight checks tapping the fuselage with his silver tipped black walking stick. their is a good book called Bit of a Tiff which tells of the ejections of Lyn Middleton from Hms Eagle in 1956 from 2 Seahawks 897/899 squadrons the first being underwater as the ship passed over him the seconed one being dunked in the sea when the cat broke on launch all the best/scouse
seaweed their is a picture with Lyn Middleton seated with 12 other pilots in my photograph see 700z smooth boys na39 regards scouse


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Re: Buccaneer crash Tain range 1966

I was on a four-week Air Weapons course at Lossie 1963 - there was a haar on & not much doing for us so a visit to Lyn's Bucs was organised. When my turn came round I climbed into the back seat and an Aussie climbed into the front. Sqn bod climbed up beside us & started explanations. Aussie says 'What's this button?' Sqn bod says 'that's the fire extinguisher.' 'Oh' says Aussie, 'I just pressed it.' End of Buc tour. Engine change I think.

We got slung off a Vulcan as well when the Crab showing us round found out that one of his audience was a South African.
I have found out the possibly reason for this a/c demise and lose of life pm me if still searching / david parry in confidence
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