Bubble Gum

Back in 1963-1964...did you ever "collect" those cards that came with a stick of vile tasting chewing/bubble gum?. Used to go to my corner shop wiv' me pocket money and buy a couple of packets....I remember "The Battle of Britain" set (released after/in conjunction with the film)...and these two *delightful* sets of cards that a little kid could collect.....Mars Attacks & The American Civil War. And they say that some computer games corrupt the youth of today! (I would've been about 8 or 9yrs old at the time!)

(These are from "The American Civil War" series:

And the "Mars Attacks" series:

(Full sets are probably worth a few bob now).
Ref: Why is he pissing on the dog in the last pic?

The dog was realy a beagle that had escaped from the Players tobacco lab and was having trouble giving up smoking in public places.
So the nice alien helped him stop. :puker:
And from memory the chewing gum was gash too! What about Bazooka Joes much better quality gum, a cartoon strip gag and you could save up the wrappers and send away for your absolute bollix prize. Ah happy days.

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