War Hero
Remember teaching the 2 Day course at Rosyth Fireschool. Once a year, usually on a weekend so it was low key, the Royals would do a course before they did Purple Wedding (Warrior?) - the one where they "attacked an oil platform".

The Royals were great to teach- no wimping or bleating, they just got stuck in. Problem was we used to make it nice & hot, warning them to give it a good cooling-down before they entered the compartment to break up the fires.

They never remembered that bit & used to storm the compartment as though they were conducting a house-clearance drill, minus the flash-bangs - dragging me, the instructor, in with them. The water used to flash-off to steam, so you really did "Away & Boil your Heed" (as they say in Fife) several times over the weekend.

...And that m'lud, is why I have a face like a slapped arse.
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