Brutal sex attack forces Italy to make laws for kicking out


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This seems to make sense. We recently had to let an EU rapist remain in the UK because human rights laws.
If Italy is successful with this than we should folow suit.

Italy yesterday brought in a law making it easier to expel 'undesirables' from other EU countries.

The move came amid outrage over the sex attack murder of an admiral's wife by a Romanian migrant.

Previously, EU citizens could only be sent home if they could be shown to pose a threat to the state, usually interpreted as a terrorist
All admiration to the Italians. We couldn't get rid of that scum that killed the headmaster and our government has just let it lie instead of thinking up a way to change the rules.
If they do decide to act it will first be a green paper and then consultation with the PC brigade and human rights activists and then maybe a white paper and more discussions. If they do eventually enact the laws as the Italians have done then it will be five or ten years down the line.

The goalposts seem to keep moving. It was a case of you couldn't kick out if their country was deemed to be a dangerous place but now it's seems you can't kick out for any reason if they have family living here.

We have the weakest government in the whole world, no wonder the Scotts are mumbling about seperation. And it will probably get even worse when this new constitution is enacted, you know the one we are entitled to a referendum on but Broon the cloon has decided we can't.
Re: Brutal sex attack forces Italy to make laws for kicking

This is a start perhaps but the way it should be dealt with is to expel the source of the problem , ie cause not effect . Seems to be some pretty serious stuff coming from that area but no doubt those in authority will do sweet fanny adams . Disgraceful what happened to that poor woman .

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