Bruce Fraser Buttons

Discussion in 'History' started by scouse, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Walking round Chartwell this week, noticed a photo of Rear Admral Fraser, with 3 buttons between the block and ring!!!!! on his sleeve ....Whats that all about?????
  2. Re: Rear Admiral Fraser

    He may have been an habitual nose on sleeve wiper?? :D
  3. Rear Amiral with buttons on his sleeve

    Noticed an old Photo the other day at Chartwell. Showing Rear Admiral Fraser with 3 buttons on each sleeve between the Block and Ring..... what is that all about????? Still havent got an answer !! So im having another go :wink:
  4. Re: Vice Amiral with buttons on his sleeve

    When was the photo taken, Scouse?
  5. Re: Rear Admiral with buttons on his sleeve

    Guessing about 1940 ??? it is on the staircase wall, with the ones of Beatty, Pound and Cunningham
  6. Re: Vice Amiral with buttons on his sleeve

    He was also Admiral of the Fleet and a Baron, so it could be something to do with that.
  7. Re: Vice Amiral with buttons on his sleeve

    Back in the old old days, (when even Rummers was a lad), 'Middies' were referred to as 'Snotties', and were made to wear buttons on their cuffs to stop them wiping their snotty noses on their sleeves. I have seen pictures of officers of flag rank from the WWI era and earlier wearing frock coats with buttons and lace on the cuffs.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Fraser's Buttons (merged)

    SSN09 wrote
    In 1940 he was neither, although there seems to be some confusion in the OP as to what rank (Rear / Vice) Admiral Fraser is in the Chartwell photograph.

    Some Admirals have their individual 'thing'. Beatty wore six buttons on his reefer. A more recent Admiral wore fantastic footwear. Perhaps the buttons were BF's thing, perhaps he got his reefer second hand in Tin Trousers and his tailor neglected to remove them when lacing it for (whichever) Admiral.

    Standing by for a badges expert.
  9. Re: Bruce Fraser; Buttons

    He's clearly got delusions of grandeur

    Thinks he's a Chief
  10. Re: Fraser's Buttons (merged)

    :roll: My Bold Fraser is in the Dress of Rear Admiral and Beatty was in Mufti The OP is not Blind, or Confused SD :wink: Take it you havent visited Chartwell??? PS Winstons racing silks are Pink with Chocolate sleeves, jockey Duncan Kieth and Trainer Walter Nightingale. In the other Photo :lol: :lol: i was paying attention. My original post was Rear Admiral, and Vice was a slip on my behalf, in a later post :oops:
  11. Re: Bruce Fraser; Buttons

    Scouse, at first sight I thought your thread inquiry related to a role in "Cinderella". 8O

    I cannot help you with your uniform Q but when Admiral of the Fleet Bruce Austin Fraser, 1st Baron Fraser of North Cape GCB, KBE died in 1981, aged 93, he was well remembered and mourned within RN circles.

    One stroppy young CPO on my team at the RNSMS bleated about the 'fuss' then being made 'about some old Admiral', not a good example from a S/R Instructor. We discussed this behind closed doors, sans cafe, and he left somewhat wiser on both our Naval heritage and the particular achievements of that personage; 'Fraser of North Cape' being but one of the clues.

    In fairness to him though, this was pre-Wiki and the interweb:,_1st_Baron_Fraser_of_North_Cape

    Sadly, those buttons are not shown here:


    Wiki says "Statue of Admiral Fraser in Portsmouth Dockyard".

    (But we all know, especially Broadside, that it is really in PNB, don't we? :wink: )

  12. Re: Bruce Fraser; Buttons

    As an aside on statues, what think ye of this juxtaposition of Sir Keith Park & Lord N ?


  13. Re: Bruce Fraser; Buttons

    Quick question ......

    Is Naval History still taught as a subject during basic these days ?
  14. Re: Bruce Fraser; Buttons

    Wonder if it was a bit of bravado, on his part??? 3 buttons.... as he was 3rd Sea Lord when a Rear Admiral.
  15. Re: Bruce Fraser; Buttons

    Look, don't quote me but he might be wearing a Trinity House Uniform.

    But then again he might not. But the sleeve buttons were worn by more then snottys and CPOs once upon a time.
  16. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think your inspection of the deckhead has paid a dividend. BZ.
  17. Do tell more :wink:
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Trinity House is the body that oversees buoyage, lighthouses, pilotage, merchant service officers' certification and general aspects of maritime safety around our shores. Its governing body are called Brethren of TH and on ceremonial occasions wear a quasi-naval uniform with buttns as discussed. I just wish my quick scan of the internet could turn up a picture. This gives some idea of TH's scope and I'm sure I once saw a pic of Tibbetts garbed as described:

    Individual buttons for you:

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