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BRPO Needed

matlo_caroline said:
Where you get the Idea im Ex URNU?????
Im intrigued!
Still writing letter thinking of what to put so i dont upset him which i seem to be good at.

I misremembered another topic post of yours from before - sorry! From that post and this one, it seems the PENZANCE YOTO has some Divisional work to do - poor little Middie. Everyone knows they're too precious to be dumped - how could you, Caroline?!

:cry: :cry:
Well, as a 'Snotty' myself, i had the pleasure of being Caroline's Assistant DO for the last week at the lovely dartmouth, hehehe, dont worry caro, your storys are safe with me.....
geoffrey Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2006 3:27 pm Post subject: Re: BRPO Needed


SilverFox! You're old enough to be her father. I'm guessing....



That all depends on how old she is.

For that reason, then I'm probably just outside the bracket but would depend on how far under it you are.

For the reason that my wife wouldn't let me, then I'm so far outside it that even binoculars wouldn't help me find it. :roll:

Now if you're planning a replacement, I'm sure the boys here at RR can help with the application / vetting process.

SF (Not matlo_caroline's dad!)

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