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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by matlo_caroline, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi
    I have a friend on Penznace and wondered if anyone had the BFPO Address for the ship.
    What day do small Sandown Mine Hunter Ships recieve post?
  2. BFPO 358

    I have no idea on when they receive mail as it will depend on ships programme.
  3. Thanks for that how do you know it so quickly
    Do i just need him name and thats it and if he is an officer what do i put
    Also do they check there mail ( im putting some pics in and yes they are clean)
  4. He must have told you his ofiicial number during pillow talk surely????????
  5. no he has not were not talking at the moment so im trying to repair things.
  6. Just stick his name and the BFPO number on and it should find him. Unless there's more than one Smith or Jones or whatever in the ship, in which case a rank or rate might come in handy.
  7. If he's an officer, put "Lt I M Dumped RN (or his real name!), The Wardroom," and then the address, and he'll definitely get it.
  8. Ah bless , nothing wrong with a bit of Damage Control , good luck caroline :roll: :oops:
  9. Does the letter start:
    "Dear John......."

    :twisted: :twisted:
  10. Yep and it ends with "your brother is much better in bed than you"
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    To keep this on strictly PC lines
    "your sister is much better in bed than you"
    Then there is ageism......... :lol:
  12. But caroline has already admitted she's ex-URNU, so it probably includes "the Navz Yeo is much better in bed than you"... probably.
  13. But it may end with ALL the above being better in bed than you

    mmmm How many twised Evil Devils this time??? 4 I think

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Or even better "your sister is much better in bed than you" , but then he may like that , :oops: :lol:
  15. Where you get the Idea im Ex URUU?????
    Im intrigued!
    Still writing letter thinking of what to put so i dont upset him which i seem to be good at.
  16. Like that name might put that on the back lol.
    Yes he is an officer
  17. I misremembered another topic post of yours from before - sorry! From that post and this one, it seems the PENZANCE YOTO has some Divisional work to do - poor little Middie. Everyone knows they're too precious to be dumped - how could you, Caroline?!

    :cry: :cry:
  18. Bless the Snotters of the world - you just want to ruffle their hair and give them "nuggies"! Caroline, you're a harsh woman!
  19. yet available once again ... ? :roll: :wink: :lol:


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