Browning 9mm Pistol

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. When it was reported that a dozen Sig pistols were knicked from an Army base it said that they are now the standard sidearm for the Forces.
    It is an excellent weapon and I've fired it but expensive and considering how many times troops may use a pistol I wonder why it was changed from the Browning 9mm.
    I know the Browning very well from my time based at Tipner and shooting in civvy life and I think it is a supererb sidearm.
    I once watched a Special Forces trooper at Warminster range put 13 rounds in the bull centre from 25 yards with the Browning Hi Power, even more eye opening for me was the time he also riddled the centre target with a Stirling! that takes some doing!
    It's not a critisism of the issue of Sigs just wondered why the switch,can't be much more reliable than the Browning but some small arms expert will enlighten me,I hope!
  2. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    It probably had nothing to do with reliability. More like a newbie in 'procurement' trying to justify his position. I can just hear the conversation... " It looks so much nicer, and won't cost all that much more, will it?"
  3. I'm not all that gen'd up on pistols, actually but the Browning we did have are getting pretty bloody old now, even more so than the GPMG's - which could have been a driving force.

    AFAIK the SIG IS the more reliable pistol, too which is certainly a positive
  4. I always found the browning to be a good pistol. Though it was reckioned that even when held in a vice if a number of shots were fired the results left something to be desired. :cry: My mentor was a CAA(O) name of Riley Curtiss, in his hands the pistol was pure poetry. :p
  5. I used to carry a military Hi-Power and thought it an excellent piece of kit and had my own Match Hi-Power in UK until it was confiscated by the Old Bill after Dunblane.

    It was a long time ago [May 28, 1981] but a single Pongo in civvies and driving a Q-car was ambushed in Londonderry by a 3 man IRA hit team armed with M-16's. Perce rolled out of his car and topped the 2 shooters before brassing up the Ford Escort and killing the driver. His only weapon was a Hi-Power and I was impressed to fcuk to say the least.

    Nowadays I have a couple of Glock 9 millies but my favourite is my Glock 10mm. Use 185g hollow point ammo from a firm called Double Tap [their motto is 2 holes bleed better than 1.... I shit you not]. Glocks are not to everyones taste because of the trigger safeties but the full-size 10mm would be my weapon of choice.

  6. My first pistol fired was a Webley .38 revolver, even though I was standing in the barn I missed the door.
  7. I'm a pretty good shot on the Browning but when I handled a Sig (unfortunately I didn't get to fire it) I instantly preferred it. I have large hands and always found the Browning that little bit to small.

    Most of the current stock of Brownings are wearing out I'm told (and I agree from personal experience!). I am told the Sig is a more stable platform, ie whereas on the Browning you re-aim between each shot this is not (less?) the case with the Sig. I may have been fed porkies but the people who've used it prefer it, bar those who prefer the Browning because of its smaller size (the opposite of me!!).
  8. Pusser's Brownings had slippy black plastic furniture. Used to wrap self-vulcanising tape around the grips which gave a much better hold particularly in the wet and also made them a little bigger.

    Pachmayer came up with a set of combat rubber grips
    which are excellent and a company called Hogue Grips does some beautiful custom hardwood grips in Coco Bolo, Tulipwood, Rosewood etc etc. Bit too pretty for me but yer pays yer money...........

  9. Quick question, not being in yet - what would a matelot use such a weapon for? I understand the need for Marines, and Junglie's (air and ground crew)

    When else would they be used?
  10. I shudder to think of Jolly Jack armed with anything smaller than 4.5" calibre weapons.

    I think the old adage that the 2 most dangerous things to a Royal Marine are an officer with a map and a saileyor with a rifle still holds true today. :thumbright:

  11. Negligent discharge?
  12. If you are put on the gate then your weapon is a Sig (if you have only met the Browning then your freindly neighbourhood bootneck will give you training before you bravely step off).

  13. Found these on YouTube:

    Springfield 1911

    Sig P226

    The needle on my walt meter keeps twitching with him, but that's by the by.
  14. God that bloke is irritating. I would have found it interesting, probably but I couldn't stand the narration!
  15. I tooled through a few of his other vids and he seems to generally know what he's talking about when he focuses on the gear but I agree its facking hard to watch. This one makes me smile though :twisted:

    Those twin drums look so cool. Utterly bonkers on a Glock but still cool.
  16. Used to own a Colt 1911A1 that gun was the biz--why they ever went over to 9mm for a personal weapon I don't know.The .45acp round was a man stopper. The long slide action was quite good for accuracy aswell.

    I also owned a Browning Hi-power mk111 --bought it new and as bergen mentions its the bees knees and definately -like the Colt- its been around a long time --advantage with the double stack magazine and 13 rounds compared to the 1911 and 8 rounds

    The good old days of pistol shooting.


  17. Boarding officer and myself always had a 9mm Browning as our side arms when i was on the Jersey,irrespective of which ship we were boarding,hope that answers your question 8)
  18. Without going into detail, an awful lot of matelots are finding themselves on the ground these days. A lot of these, because of where they will find themselves, will carry a 2nd weapon in addition to their SA80.

    When I first joined up the 9mm was an Officers weapon. Unfortuantely being armed with only a 9mm means that the enemy know who the Officer is so they now carry an SA80 as well!

    For info, the Sig we had was the 229.
  19. Cheers chaps, illuminating indeed!

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