Browne quits BP as gay affair exposed

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 1, 2007.

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  1. For years the gay community has insisted that gay relationships where the same as straight ones.
    I think this proves the point. Even a male partner can be a bitch when a relationship ends. How much money is Browne's partner getting for wrecking his career?

    Why did Browne lie? In this day and age it is the ability to do the job not a persons sexual preferences which count.
  2. Hang on there Slim. He is NOT resigning because he is gay. He is NOT resigning because of his relationship with his partner. His sexuality is his private business. He IS resigning because he panicked and lied in a written witness statement. Plenty of heterosexsual men have done this. Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitkin come to mind. His partner is not receiving any compensation. Don't make this into ANOTHER gay issue.
  3. Who cares. He's just another politician who told a fib. It happens every day, doesn't it? At least he had the decency to fall on his sword for his failings.

  4. ????

    Since when was the CEO of a very large corporation with a global presence a politician

    And fwiw I agree with Aussiepint, the whole fear of gay thing really is getting pretty tired.
  5. Oops! Wrong Browne!! Damnation!!! Too many sundowners.

    :oops: :oops: :oops:

  6. I agree SF, Lord Browne had the decency and grace to confess to his failings-gay or not!
    And yep Karma, he is the Co Head of BP, not a politician. I guess we are just too immune to lying being assoicated with politicians :)
  7. He lied about his partner, lover, whatever.He admitted that he had lied over how he first met Mr Chevalier.That is the only reason that he resigned.
  8. I'm not making this a gay issue, merely pointing out the gay equivalent of the heterosexual adage

    No wrath like that of a women scorned.

    Or Gay bitches are no different to straight bitches.

    So he lied about where he met the bloke, pity he did it on oath.
  9. Too true, I'm afraid. :(

    Interpersonal violence is not confined to some straight households, but exists within some gay households too. I have never been the victim of this myself as I choose to remain celibate (though I do like an occasional cuddle and, er, being milked. :oops: ). So perhaps I'm semi-celibate?

  10. Same here! I though Gordon the Brune had been outed!
  11. Now don't be silly. If he had been outed would he have resigned? :)

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