Browne makes surprise Iraq visit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. The only thing 'surprising' about this visit is that the cvnt even knows we have people in Iraq…
  2. Bet the troops he met were specaly selected to be nice to him
  3. Actually, it's ever so hard to be beastly to visiting MPs because, at the back of your mind, your conscious that it may reflect badly on one's Uniform. In rig, we aren't engaged to behave as private individuals. There again, maybe I'm too soft.
  4. Always the biggest problem as Slim states is that the people he will have met will be REMFs specially selected who won't drip all over him about the way new overpriced budget kit is failing cos lets face it - they don't get to use it. He probably won't get to speak to the Viking Operators who are back to backing tours, or the fact that lads go out - do a tour - go outside leaving manning in such a shit state as the muppet will not pour more money into the MoD to sort the problem out - not that it would, as the nugggets will only spend it on more laptops to lose.

    Bitter, moi?
  5. I bet the morale of the guys on the ground has been raised some by the surprise visit by the charismatic Gordon king of Scots.... Fecking Nobber. Like that pric gives a feck. Should have put him in a convoy up Route Tampa south and let the Mehdi army use him for EFP practice.

  6. 'Anyone due for promotion take one step forwards…'
  7. He was probably surprised to find that Iraq isn't in Scotland.
  8. Jeez!! And I thought I was cynical.

  9. Reckon the fat plonker landed at BIAP, did Irish then popped into BSU? Doubt it. Just like our Tony, choppered in probably with half the USAF quaffing coffee with our colonial cousins, ignoring his own troops then buggering off to blighty. I 'spose at least Gordo popped into APOD for an Ice Cream (free of course). Now he's in the chair, are we going to enjoy the same benefits of his countrymen and get free tuition fees etc?
    hypocritical oaf that he is
  10. He makes me want to puke .
  11. Wouldnt it have been nice if he was the one who had the surprise !!!!

    When he woke up there :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf:
  12. TO be honest, a politician visiting the troops will be seen as a cynical photo opportunity. Not going will be seen as a betrayal and as uncaring. He's in a lose - lose position.

    Several months ago there were complaints that politicians were not present at the repatriation of deceased service men and women - and yet if they had gone, how many would be deriding them for "grandstanding"?

  13. All very true, but 'not being able to win' is part of the joy of being a polititian. What is most galling about these visits is that they will be used to reinforce the lies that all is well. Because not one will 'drip' about the conditions, equipment and so one he will turn round later when criticised about such things and say 'it can't be true because when I was in Iraq no one complained'.

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