Brown visits Afganistan, would you shake his hand?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. With the current funding and equipment failures that happen time and time again, would you shake the lying assasins hand.

    No doubt all that will come out of his mouth is spin and there would be no way anyone would be allowed to say anything critical, NO MATTER how TRUTHFUL it may be.
  2. That bloke can't be trusted to tie his own shoelaces.
    He isn't worth the fuel to get him there.
  3. If I shook Broons hand I would have to check to see if any rings or watches had not disappeared. You never know when he is going to introduce a new stealth tax :w00t:
  4. In this current economic, military and political downfall i would have to say yes i would shake his hand, but merely because he has been unfortunate enough to inherit Britain's problems. Give the guy a break, his actions are mostly just for reasons which you probably wouldn't understand shippers.
  5. No, it's Broon who is pathetic, as he will discover at election time. It would be nice to see him lose his seat, but like all of his kind he will be in a Labour stronghold where the brainwashed voters would vote for anyone so long as they were a Labour party member. :pukel:

    As stated looks like he engineered his own party stronghold.

    A new constituency obviously drawn up using traditional Labour areas. :toilet:
  6. Oh dear,

    someone else who does not like the truth but prefers the spin world of Liebour and Browns goverment.

    Only today more troops to be sent to Afganistan, despite all their promises that the numbers will go down.
  7. I wouldn't shake his or any other Politicians hand.
    They are just like lying criminals, i.e; they simply say what they think you want to hear.
  8. I wouldn't have shook his hand a week ago and I wouldn't do it today.

    The loss of another 4 good men is not going to change my feelings for his party, or him personally. My feelings for this man and his party are as a result of their domestic policies as well as their international ones. I fail to see how refusing to shake the hand of a man I dislike can in any way tarnish the memories of men I've never met but admired greatly.

    I suggest that your attitude is in keeping with the rest of New Labours. Anyone who dares to criticise this government can expect to have all sorts of discrediting accusations made against them in order to deflect attention away from what they have actually said. The old gentleman ejected from the Labour party conference for example.
  9. I worked at the seat of parliament for 5 years so i know exactly what they are like. I stand by my earlier comments
  10. Lets be honest here. It doesn't matter how you feel about him. If he turned up with all the boss's you would not so no to shaking his hand. For all his lack of personality, he and the ruling party are there because we voted him there. If we don't like it, then we will eventually get our chance to tell them at the next election.

    We would all end up shaking his hand, like it or lump it


  11. Lets hope that this is indeed the case. I however stand by my comments
  12. I can honestly say I would like to shake him warmly by the neck! Roll on the next election.
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Some cuts made. Put your handbags down girls and play nice.

    Inherit? I thought he and his cronies caused most of them.
  14. If I was in Afghanistan and I doubt any posters here are then of course I would shake his hand. If you chose not to then I doubt very much if your boss would force you.
  15. Calm down seadog, p.s im a fan of Das Boot
  16. Whether in Afghanistan or the UK i could not and would not shake his hand, if he was face down in a puddle I wouldn't take my boot off the back of his head. That man and the rest of his useless government buddies should all be strung up from a lampost. It really pains me to think good guys have died for a country that is lead by that f*ck*ng useless piece of sh*t*. And just to piss a few folks off, I also reckon that anybody that votes for liarbour at the next election should be put in a straight jacket and sent to the local mental hospital.
  17. Fair enough mate
  18. Seadog. For a minute there i thought you were going to intervene with your MOD head on ref our comments. I respect the fact you have not!!

    edited to note this bootneck is in fact slightly bollocksed
  19. from the mouth of the profit (I saw it on tele -so it must be true) he is the saviour of the world.
    Let us crucify him then.
    Oh No. If he is the real meeyLiar he'll be back in just three days.
  20. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Leaving aside the problems of loranorder, and servitude to an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels to a further overdose of which Broon has now signed up without us having a chance to vote on it, to the extent of our woes being economic, it is farcical to say Broon inherited them as if he was parachuted in from nowhere. He has caused most of this through excessive recruiting into the public service while he was Chancellor, in order to create thousands of slaves to Labour who would fear for their jobs at an election. The result is a Govt that was over-borrowed way before this storm broke. In addition, as Chancellor, he was responsible for the regulation of banking institutions which can now be seen to have been a major failure area. As PM he is now trying to bully the banks to lend on bad risks at low interest while they are saddled with trying to buy out their Govt loans so as to get out of the high interest he is charging via the preference share system, in a situation whereby banks cannot attracty share capitalbecause of a dividend freeze. His entire reaction has been never mind the economy, what a super time to instal the one economic system with a proven track record of total failure, namely Socialism.

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