Brown trying for the sympathy vote?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. "Gordon Brown wept in public this weekend when he talked of the death of his daughter Jennifer and spoke of facing up to the possible premature death of his son Fraser, who has cystic fibrosis - and his hope a cure will be found.

    Mr Brown's wife Sarah, who was present, also sobbed in an extraordinary display of emotion when the Prime Minister was interviewed by Piers Morgan for a TV programme".

    What a fcuking nobhound.

    No link yet, just seen it on BBC news.
  2. Re: Brown trying for the sympathy vote

    I'm no great fan of Liebour.......but playing Devil's advocate I think I'd shed a few tears talking of the possible death of my child. After all no parent expects to outlive their child.......
  3. Re: Brown trying for the sympathy vote

    I don't have any respect for the guy as a politician whatsoever, and I accept that the idea for going on the show in the first place was probably part of a strategy to make him more human, but I do feel sympathy for what he has been through family wise, if he shed a tear talking about that issue i'd say it is understandable and really quite sad.
  4. Re: Brown trying for the sympathy vote


    Aren't you just?
  5. Re: Brown trying for the sympathy vote

    Hear hear. I don't think even Broon would sink that low, using his kid's death as a vote grabber.
  6. Re: Brown trying for the sympathy vote

    He didn't have to do this so close to an election and with all the crap this man has said and done over the years, and the way he has conned this nation, I would say it was calculated.

    We have all shed tears over the death of a parent, spouse or sibling, I have 4 times, but this was 8 (eight) years ago and at only 10 days old, he never even new her, but to now link it to the death of soldiers in Afghanistan and how he feels for their parents is pure politics.

    Cameron lost his son of 6 last year and spoke with a fathers pride about him, he didn't come on the television to take advantage of it.

    I am not gloating over the death and it is tragic but millions of others have been through it.
  7. The Browns have my deepest sympathy over the loss of their child, and my sincerest hope that the cystic fibrosis does not take the other early.

    Having said that, do I thing the gordo would use the death of a child to gain a few more votes, IMHO yes, there is very little that this man will not do to remain in power.
  8. The loss of any children is sad.

    However the part of this that makes you think it is set up is that he was coached by Bliars ex spin doctor Alastair Campbell prior to the interview.

    Say no more.
  9. Given that Piers Morgan is a friend of Gordon Brown it is highly unlikely that the topics to be covered in the interview were not fully discussed beforehand.Brown must have known the discussion would stir his emotions much the same as any of us in a similar position.Although I have every sympathy for him, his wife and child I can't help feeling the electorate are being manipulated.There are plenty of allegations of Brown's temper tantrums and even physical attacks( these are denied) so a sympathetic interview portraying him as just a human being like the rest of us will do no harm.
  10. At this moment in time all politicians are off my Crimbo card list but I for one do not believe this was stage managed.
  11. It gets better!

    The First Post

    I agree that, whilst sad, it is another example of Gordo getting his friends to help him out in the run-up to the election. Even Daily Mail readers in the audience were "touched" by his raw emotion. Christ. The British public have an astonishing attitude towards Labour - they f*ck us up the ass for 13 years, then cry a bit and all is forgiven.

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