Brown the Omnipotent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Nice one slim
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Instead of recruiting a stage army of drone pen-pushers he shoukd be diverting what is used to pay them into works with a lasting value to the economy, such as road and rail improvements. Not make-work, but projects which will help to make our economy more efficient.
  3. As the sausage eaters have been mentioned it is long overdue that as a NATO member that they stepped up to the plate and committed more combat troops to Afghanistan along with the rest of the European freeloaders.
  4. So say all of us
  5. Could it be that the rest of the Europeans have more intelligence than to fight an unwindable war?
    Instead of playing foll low my leader (the Americans) we should bring our troops home and use them to intensify control of Europe's borders. We just might be able to stop border drug trafficking and as an added bonus people trafficking as well.
    To screw up the Taliban fields identified as poppy producing could be weed killed by long range aircraft.
  6. They are soldiers not policemen or customs officers and your plan would once again give al Queda/taliban a safe haven where they will plan and train for more attacks against the west.
  7. Al Qaida do not require Afghanistan, they are doing very nicely in Pakistan.
    Though they may be soldiers they did not join the army to die in a stupid and unnecessary war that can never be won. As soldiers they could be patrolling European borders ensuring that trafficking is made as difficult as possible. That way perhaps we could close down the overland drugs routes.
    As you say they are soldiers, soldiering can take on many forms. Remember the Fireman's strike and even earlier the dockers strikes. Serviceman were slotted into these positions.

    As an afterthought, how many sons/daughters of serving MPs are out in Afghanistan?
  8. I must disagree they do need Afghanistan in order to control and benefit fully from the opium trade, the money from which funds their terror activities. So you would be happy to see us pull out of Afghanistan now and give these vile scum a free hand?

    No one will stop the flow of drugs it's a simple case of supply and demand; any drugs haul by the authorities is a mere drop in the ocean.
  9. Please read my postings.
    I would be ecstatic at pulling out of Afghanistan. However using satellite information I would destroy the opium fields with airborne chemicals thus depriving the terrorists of an income. I would be very happy to provide both food and clothing plus seed for edible crops to the former opium farmers.
    I repeat we will never win in Afghanistan. Young lives are being wasted.
  10. Our military hierarchy our politicians and even simple finknottle know that it is not a winnable war in the conventional sense, we are there in support of the 'Mayor of Kabul' and the ANA and hopefully when they are fit for purpose we can withdraw. If the taliban were allowed back in do you really think that they would allow the farmers to cease poppy cultivation, as for spraying crops do we really want to be responsible for Afghan children of the future being born with deformities? It will take time and can you deny that our presence in that country does not make it safer for us at home sitting in the comfort of our armchairs?
  11. Perhaps then the UN should BUY the entire opium crop of Afghanistan then destroy it hmmm?

    Or is that too simple.
  12. It's a good plan but as you say maybe the application of common dog f..k is not their strong point.
  13. Plus destroying their crops would just piss off the ordinary Afghans who only grow the poppies because they get more money per arce than they would just growing food, even more potential terrorists.
  14. We do not have to use agent orange to destroy the crops, I'm fairly sure that their is a viable alternative which will destroy the crops without destroying people.
    I completely disagree that having troops in Afghanistan makes it safer for the British public and would welcome reading your opinion as to why?
  15. There is nothing in this article that I disagree with:
  16. Yet even more Labour spin
  17. The answer that I had expected. =)
  18. Having lived under this Labour government is it any wonder that I would not believe them if they told me that black was black.

    As some politician once said " You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.
    Fink with you the labour government can do no wrong, thus you obviously belong in the some of the people all of the time category.

    Yes Emporer Brown is wearing exceedingly fine clothes :w00t:
  19. You are wrong as I have made my opinion of Blair perfectly clear on this forum. Where Afghanistan is concerned I agree with policy but I do wish that the NATO countries who are not doing their bit do so poste haste, though just how that can be fulfilled escapes me.

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