Brown tells services "Get Stuffed"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. This ******** has now STOPPED parcels being sent by the public to troops abroad this Christmas.

    I hate this Bastard Government more than I have ever hated any government including the dictatorships we have heard so much about in the news lately.

    Roll on election and condemn the shit to the gutter where they belong.
  2. Any link NMC
  3. I remember Crimbo 1990 when the Government banned Brit troops from celebrating in the desert as it may offend those Muslims we were there to help.
    The Independent (when it was!) sent a repoter round to the Saudi embassy to get a comment on this. The embassy was closed....for Christmas.
  4. The MOD has stopped general un named packages. Only named parcels can be sent but are still free as usual.

    story on

    quote from article:-

    For these reasons, the Ministry of Defence, in partnership with British Forces Post Office, is limiting the free postal system only to friends and families, with mail only being accepted if to a named person.
  5. It's just been on the Westcountry BBC news (Spotlight) Maxi, I've just had a look and there is no link yet, but will put it up as soon as it appears.
  6. Cheers Bisley.

    So they want the public to pay more towards what they are already donating to. We know why, then Brown can cut down on what he should be paying.
  7. I think this has always been the case, only named recipients. I also remeber that there have in the past been ways of getting names so that parcels can be sent.

    It would be better though if there was a group scheme so that parcels could be sent to a specific unit.
  8. Not true Maxi, In GW1 we had alsorts of parcels turning up addressed to "A. Sailor" or "A. Matelot" on HMS whatever and they were handed out to messes equally :)
  9. I am quite happy to be corrected but I have certainly heard about named recipients only for some time, but in reality the nasty ways they claw back a little kindness here and there really annoys.
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps the answer is to choose your ship and address the parcel to AB J Jack etc., or look up an officer's name in the Navy List for that ship and send it to him(opps .. 'her!). Mne Jolly or Mne Bullock should do it for the green lid bods.
  11. Totally agree.
  12. However they do it, it will stop a lot of people who have no service connection but who really want to send something and the only way they know how is to address it to BFPO London or The Army in Afghan or the likes.

    I think it is very cruel on the older ones who like to be 'doing their bit', and those who just want to try and make a difference and cheer up the lads.
  13. So if I address that Whitehall hamper from Fortnums for PO Lamri c/o Rum Ration, it will reach you Lammers? :thumright:
  14. No but PO £$^%&* HMS )^($£$£^ might :)
  15. I think you've trapped.
  16. I've trapped hairier females!
  17. :cuddle: Lamri :cuddle:
  18. Eek!
  19. The Christmas appeal by Support Our Soldiers is still operating but anthing beyond 12,000 parcels will be sent some other time. Remember, an in-theatre matelot/bootie/squaddie/crab is not just for Christmas.

    Recommend filling a tupperware type container or two with goodies (don't forget a Crimbo card) and passing them to your local SOS representative. They will do the rest. Recommended contents and information about making monetary donations can be found here.

    For some of you, SOS even sells fridge magnets like this:

  20. :eek:mfg:

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