Brown targets crime in key speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ja5on, Sep 29, 2009.

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    "Whenever and wherever there is anti-social behaviour, we will be there to fight it,"
    Forgive me for being dense but wasn't that why they introduced the gimic I mean serious ASBO's which really made lots of difference. Then they introduced PCSO's which again made loads of difference I think not!

    Too little too late Labour had their chance and fucked it all up over several years.
  2. So he is going to have the cabinet arrested and replace them.
  3. It would make a good start and miught even prove a vote winner ... though they wouldn't have any candidates to vote for ... ah well, not every plan has to make complete sense!
  4. Don't the Labour party promise this every time an election is due?
    What have they being doing about it for the last 12 years?
  5. So another soundbite,

    where are the Young offenders institutions and Prisons suddenly going to appear from then to house all the ' hard done by, disadvantaged, need caring for, do not be too strict on, it was not me citizens' that they are talking about

    Sorry went all PC and HR. LOL
  6. Browns speeches are a crime.

    Ban the git.
  7. Aye Slim but then they piss the money against the wall rather than using it to actually carry out their promises.
  8. All politicians of all political persuations promise all things to all voters on law and order issues and always fail to deliver. The problem is that political soundbites have a disconcerting habit of not corresponding with all the facts. What is popularist or appeases the unreasonable demands of the press, is often ineffective. Also there has always been a problem with financing new promises when the money is simply not available. Switching resources from one project to another is also a poor use of taxpayers money as much initial expenditure goes on recruiting/transferring staff etc from one unit to another, stationery, publicity, etc. What would be really helpful would be to simply try to make existing, empirically proven, policies work. There is plenty of legislation, just an inability to focus on delivery. Whilst it is not possible to take law and order out of the political sphere, there do need to be personal financial penalties for Ministers who fritter away taxpayers money on more and more new initiatives. Perhaps the cost of recuitment, etc could be met by the party in power, with their MPs being personally & severally liable for the full cost. That would focus minds wonderfully.

    It would also help if we had a culture whereby the electorate developed realistic expectations of what can be delivered for what money. If the private sector can do better whilst not transferring any liabilities onto the taxpayer (for botched operations, etc) then they should be awarded a contract to deliver, with penalty clauses for service failure. Rather than have naive civil servants negotiating these contracts, the job of doing so should be fully privatised to a National Procurement Agency with experienced staff recruited from the private sector and given boni based upon how much money they save the taxpayer.

    Right Maxi, you know you're the right person to be its first Director! 8)
  9. The trouble is Law & Order is an easy election platform and strikes at the right chord every time but it has to be backed up by the will to take the difficult decisions and to tackle not only the offenders but the bleeding heart liberals and open hand lawyers who make a mint defending scumbags who should be banged away for a very long time.

    Regrettably successive governments have failed to take the necessary action and see it through ... and in my opinion, one of the main problems is the judiciary with their "flexible tarrifs"
  10. I believe that the Labour governments policy of "Taking children out of Poverty" which basically means giving those who do not work but have many children extra cash has contributed to the problems of lawlessness.
    Rarely does this extra cash reach those it is intended to reach, unless of course you count the breweries, drug dealers, tattoo parlors and nail bars as the intended destination for this cash :twisted:
  11. I was thinking much more of the army of central and local governemnt officers who collect a devcent pay packet and a cast iron gold plated pension but actually do not contribute to the common good of the nation.

    Perhaps if that money was available to do real work in the community the workshy and their offspring may get the opportunity to learn respect for their fellow citizens and the law.

    I really do believe there is the opportunity to cut a large ammount from public spending with little or no inpact on front line services.
  12. I've booked my place on the comfy chair to settle down and watch the speech. I need a good laugh!

    Standby, here we go.....
  13. What can he propose? More Community Support officers who can't do anything and just get abused? I'm willing to hedge my bets it will be another temporarily comforting, empty promise. I'd take it more seriously if he did the speech whilst inhaling helium. gas gas gas.
  14. :sad2:

    If only.... :roll:
  15. Indeed, my ex and daughter are serpents, but on the other hand in general the jobs are safe, particularly if you do not provide a service to the public and before long you will be the only class with a half decent occupational pension.
  16. Both Labour, the Tories & the LibDems are committed to abolishing the pension for new and existing employees. Ironically, with pension claw-back, most low paid serpents would be better off getting higher pay and no civil service pension, as the state pension before claw-back is roughly the same as they would receive after claw-back. Ironically, it is gay staff who may come out best, as many of us were forced to buy additional private pensions because of the civil service pension's refusal to accomodate our needs whilst demanding our pay to subsidise others who could marry. :x :roll:

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