Brown set to honour 'unsung heroes'


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Unsung heroes could get more gongs under a planned shake-up of the controversy-hit honours system being unveiled by Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Tuesday.

He will also propose making 24/7 a national day for celebrating volunteering and "social change" as part of a raft of measures to boost and recognise the sector.

Mr Brown will set out his plans in a speech to coincide with the publication of his new book on "Britain's Ordinary Heroes".

Downing Street said the Prime Minister was keen to reform the way honours were given out to "shift the balance in favour of ordinary people".

A spokeswoman said Mr Brown thought they were "as deserving and should get a greater percentage" and would seek nominations from local communities of worthy winners.

Despite no charges resulting from the cash-for-honours inquiry, there is a widespread belief at Westminster that claims peerages were sold has badly tarnished the system's reputation.

The date of Tuesday's announcements - and the possible future national 24/7 day - was picked to represent the round-the-clock, out-of-hours work done by volunteers, carers and others.

It would be "a day in which the Government and country will celebrate all those working for social change", Number 10 said.

But it was too early to say whether it could be made an extra bank holiday.,17019,8830_2611358,00.html
Didn't John Major's reform of the honours' system set out to do this, giving due recognition to so-called 'unsung heros'? To be fair, there do seem to be more honours given these days to charity/volunteer workers and those deserving people who go the extra mile in support of their communities. I seem to remember he made some attempts to make the system more 'equal' by doing away with the 'working class/lower deck' Bathrooms, 'Eds and Messdecks award.

This wouldn't be an attempt by the government to divert public attention from the debacle of the cash for honours enquiry with a bit of bull-shit spin would it? :pukel:

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