Brown sauce or Ketchup ! the OGGY VAN at Jupiter Point ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by funkycook62, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. This [email protected]@@@g argument has been going on for years !
    i prefered to squirt Ketchup in my pasty but some pesant reckons Brown sauce or Daddys !

    I hated that bloody place ? Freezing cold / wet / and some Pilock shouting the odds as we Rowed those bloody whaling boats around Jupiter point ,

    AH But allways looked forwrd to my Steaming hot Cuppa and a good old Oggy" Bring back the 80s ! :D
  2. Brown sauce and preferably HP.

    Edited to add: Cannot remember getting any oggies when I was there in the 70's.
  3. OI fekin monkeyman, :D ,that pilock shouting at you might have been me, :wink:
  4. Sorry Chris" but i was allways polite back ? :lol:
  5. sorry mate " bit of a sprogg ! 79 to 80 at Raleigh . Steve
  6. Cold? Cold? at Jupiter point..balmy sub tropics compared to scraping the ice off the thwarts of cutters at Ganges.
    Steaming hot cuppa? We used to be doubled back up Faith, Hope and Charity,to get warm, and pay tuppence a week for privilage. Aye tell that to the sailors of today :D :D
  7. No probs steve, :D
  8. The answer here is simple Padwan......Both.
  9. Phew " thats solved that Query then LOL " :lol:
  10. It was always tomato sauce when purchased from the oggie van outside St.Levens gate in the '50s, plus a sausage in a split pasty, sold as "oggie specials". I had just completed my first Guzz run ashore in my first sailor suit*, and was meandering gently through the dockyard with a handful of oggie special when, having taken a large bite, the sauce leaked out of the other end and down my new bell-bottoms. The resulting stain lived with me for the whole time I was in class II rig, nothing would shift it!

    *For those not aware, S&S junior ratings wore class III rig until 1957, then had about five years to kit themselves out in "square rig".
  11. See ! i knew it Ketchup :lol:
  12. Ketchup on an oggie is illogical, immoral and should be illegal.

    Ketchup is for sausage sandwiches and burgers.
  13. Just talked to my sister in law ,she is a true ferkin,inbred,snuzzleguzzeling,born and bred,Guzz rating,she said that anybody who puts ferkin ketchup on an oggy wants shaging with barbed wire,brown sauce is acceptable but never ketchup, :D

    Ps You are all a bunch of dirty bastards,so said she ( my lover ) 8)
  14. Her name aint Beryl is it ? :D
  15. No,Mandy ,ugly as ferkin sin,my brother would kill me if he knew she went down on me whilst they were courting, :D
  16. But did she put brown sauce on it?
  17. I always thought the 'brother and sister' thing was considered the norm in Cornwall? :oops: :lol:
  18. well you Know the Old saying Chris ?
    Go on give it one ! everyone else has . :wink:
  19. Ketchup, no self respecting bloody northerner would dream of having Brown Sauce on owt. End of.
  20. Pah!

    What would you know about Northerners?

    Cleethorpes is in the Midlands.

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