Brown Proposal = Worldwide Snub

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. When I heard it on the wireless tonight, it made me smile as well; until I remembered that he is representing our Country.
  2. Prudence will be in for it!
  3. Would turkeys vote for Christmas? It just proves how little GB understands of the free world, even though he was allowed to sell off the family silv... gold!
  4. Tax is the only word he seems to know - when most kids first word is mummu or tractor, his was tax.

    For some reason he thinks that is the be all of everything. I bet he taxes his kids pocket money.
  5. A snub by world leaders is just a precurser to the snub he's going to get by the electorate sometime soon.... PLEEEEEZ make it soon !
  6. The title of this thread.

    It's being widely reported over here. Now, the Aussies I work with feel even more sorry for us. :oops:
  7. The reality is that every time he tries to climb up onto the grandstand he falls of. As far as all the other world leaders are concerned, he is a dead man walking. Being seen to be his chum will not enhance their careers so he is side lined.

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