Brown is dolling out the cash!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by phil1972, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Anyone else get the feeling he is sweetening us all up ready for his impending move to No. 10?
  2. How much of this is already set aside for the Operational Bonus that we are getting?
  3. Just look at all the items that are going to happen by 2010 or 2011, classic Brown, tell them now, again in December, then again next budget and so on each time making it sound like a new thing.

    Noticeable that one he recognises the power of the pensioners vote, and that stamp duty on house sales seems to be unchanged,

    He is going to dine out on a lot of this budget for years.
  4. That bloke makes my skin crawl!
  5. That extra £400m is going to pay for :
    fuel bills for all the vehicles (not envirmonmentally friendly)
    How many 'gas guzzling' 4x4s we got in the forces ???
    Air travel - not environmentally friendly

    For every penny they give they have a way of taking 1.5p
  6. Why is it that a substantial pay rise is 25p and a minor tax increase is £25?
  7. Basic tax rate getting cut to 20% (currently 22%) from April 2008, getting rid of the 10% band so no difference overall... except of course for those who pay into pensions who will only get 20% tax relief instead of 22%. This small matter will of course not be mentioned very loudly...

    I wouldn't piss on the guy if he were on fire... :evil:

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