Brown in UK naval offer for Gaza

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dunkers, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. What's he gonna do, send 'em all by bus?

  2. Will the Andrew have to use ships of the desert?
  3. Don't you just love peacekeeping work? ;)
  4. Seeing as the RN cant even patrol the Falklands due to a shortage of ships, quite what or how hes going to send is beyond me. This clown is due a swift wake up call.
  5. Good old Liebor, anything to suck American dick. :evil:
  6. So what does this mean? The only ones now allowed to import arms from foreign countries will be the Israelis.. cause that's fair.
  7. What the flying f*ck has it got to do with us?
    It being the era of the US Empire, it's up to them to be the world's policeman. They have resources we can only dream of.
    When will Gorgon realise we're just broke?
  8. FFS, I'm sure the Israeli Navy are quite capable of maintaining a Naval presence off Gaza to intercept arms smugglers. Besides, I'm not convinced that they'd be too enamoured with the idea of a pussers grey steaming up and down the coast of Gaza. Anyone heard of the USS Liberty incident.
  9. I understand that the Portsmouth constabulary are looking into the alleged misappropriation of the swan paddle boats from Canoe Lake!

    Keep Striving
  10. I bet he's got his fingers crossed that we don't get taken up on the offer. :!:
  11. I don't see why we should send any ships there-on behalf of Israel.
    Do we even have enough ships to do that?

    Anyway Israel's got a good enough navy they should deal with it themselves.
  12. It'd be interesting to know if they bothered to run this past CINCFLEET.
  13. Think is, will he be ready for obama?

    More of a man than Bush, so they say....

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