Brown in tribute to Afghan dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. The prime minister has paid tribute to the courage of British troops in Afghanistan, as the number to have died there since 2001 reached 100.

    Right then. Glad we got that clear - I feel so much better knowing that we are appreciated.

  2. Defence Secretary Des Browne acknowledged that nothing could compensate for any individual loss, but said he remained convinced the campaign was "the noble cause of the 21st Century".

    I suppose that explains his reluctance to give the boys and girls on the front line a reasonable remuneration package. LIfe as a Traffic Warden has never looked so good!!

  3. Considering Mr Browne seems to think our squaddies are otherrwise unemployable and thus over paid perhaps life on the dole will soon be better.
  4. 2 faced bastards is all i can say. :threaten:
  5. i concur with that chockhead the sooner these hypocrits leave office the better
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Whether it's one dead or one hundred. It's one too many...
  7. It's a bit surprising that Des, or Knut as I will now think of him, hasn't had a harder time on RR on his views of junior Service people. Whether or not he thinks that squaddies and their RN and RAF equivalents don't have the qualifications to become traffic wardens is immaterial, he is the mouthpiece in government of the Armed Forces, so to say such a thing out loud is indefensible.

    These unqualified people are dying in your and your government's names Mr Browne, so climb down off your self-righteous horse and apologise before you do the decent thing and resign the more important of your portfolios.
  8. Oh to actually have a (full time) Secretary of State for Defence.

    The fact that we don't sums up Gordon "Supreme Leader" Brown's opinion of the Armed Forces - not even deserving of a Minister.
  9. And, according to news sources (GMTV *cough !!) a badge, posibly a silver cross according to the reporter, will be awarded to all those who have lost loved ones in conflicts, possibly going back to the Falkands War.

    And we hear of yet three more soldiers being killed on active duty, and in the meantime, yet another body is reportedly to receive up to £2/3mil because she, allegedly on race and sex grounds, only received a 'hug' instead of a medal from the Army (MOD tight-fistedness perhaps ?), when another (male) officer received a Military Cross for negotiations during a hostage situation, claiming she was 'discriminated' against ?

    She is now reported to be 'moving on' with her life - I wonder if the sizeable cash award has anything to do with this ?

    You never know, maybe she will donate it to Headley Court for the injured ???????


    Is it still the norm that the senior of any team receives the highest award if one is merited?

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