Brown gets a bashing by Daniel Hannan, MEP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by nobby0919, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1., put that in your pipe and smoke it, Buster (literally) Brown
  2. Of my 300 odd years on this planet this is the first time I have ever seen anyone actually come out with the truth.

    Well done that man, he should be knighted.
  3. Well done that man, he should be knighted.[/quote]
    he's got my vote!
  4. All I can say is: wow. That guy could become prime minister with a speech like that alone.
  5. He gave it to dodgy Gordon both barrels, good man. At least there is one person in the establishment who isn't afradi to say what the country believes. Did you see the shite eating grin on the fat buggers face during the speach though, totally oblivious.
  6. The sooner this, un-elected, 'sub prime' minister vacates number ten, the better. It's a pity we have to wait and endure the collateral damage until that day arrives !
    Nice one Dan !
  7. BZ that man. And cyclops had the temerity to laugh .....
  8. Will the next one be elected then?
  9. First time I have noticed an MEP actually DO anything..never mind something so straight forward and honest as this! Well do that man...earned his 120K a year.
  10. Anyone who thinks it will be any better under the tories is seriously naive.
  11. Hannan for PM!

    BZ to that man!

    And as for that cvnt Broone… did you see the twat sniggering like a naughty schoolgirl? The mans fvcking delusional.
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    A very good speech he is obviously an accomplished orator, Help for Heroes wristband too, can't be bad.
  13. Deepster

    Mate, can it be any worse? Wasn't the Labour Government swept to power on a wave of Anti everything they are now charged with.

    I am under no illusions about politicians of any party, they are all cut from the same cloth and it has been a very long time since there was an honest politician, however this rabble in power now need to be taught a lesson and thrown out into the streets, the list of indiscretions is almost endless, but the worst part in my opinion is their total disregard for the British public and their arrogance that the people are powerless to stop them doing anything they please.
  14. Of course it will be better - it would be better under Mugabe.
  15. I think i'm with Alacrity on this one. Can you all remember when there was that huge public show of support when Bliar walked into 10 downing St for the first time in 1997?? I was working in Parliament at that time and the air of excitement was electrifyling. How times have changed and i think its time to give someone else a go who might (for a change) have the countries best interests at heart rather than their own personal expense account!!

  16. You do know that the 'adoring crowd' welcoming B'Liar was actually Labour Party activists, even the flags were handed out by party central.

    You see, that's been the problem with New Liebour from day one, all smoke and mirrors but no substance.
  17. At least someone has finally said something worth listening to. Neither party in the house has ever said such a speech yet!. Does make me wonder who the fook I should vote for

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