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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by harvey, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Does any one how long before sopposed mobilisation does the brown envelope fall though your door
  2. I think you should change the thread title, guarentee you won't get the response your after. Thingy is probably typing as we speak :wink:
  3. There is a legal minimum notice of 28 days. (unless both you and your employer are happy to have less notice)
    Within the Sea(res) branch, we are hoping to increase that notice to 60 days, (though the legal minimum requirement will be unaffected, we will just try to get the letters out earlier). sadly summer leave defeated us some-what with mob 0509 and 0609, however we should give the teams 60+ days notice in the future.
    Incidently, if you are in the Sea(res) branch, I have a living document that gives the date of everyone's PROPOSED mobilisation. To check the date contact your RFPO via your PSI/STO
    Hope this helps
  4. Quote from SABRE ( The Mobilisation Process )

    "The Reserve Forces Act 1996 (RFA 96) gives no statutory requirement for a warning period prior to mobilisation. However, it is unlikely that a Reservist employee would be called out before you were generally aware of a situation that might demand it.

    The Services recognise that employers and Reservists need time to put their affairs in order before mobilisation. Subject to the severity and immediacy of the crisis, the Services aim to provide both you and the Reservist 28 days' notice of the date they are required to report for mobilisation."

  5. You would think that they would want to get people mobilised,having spent that ammount of time and money on their training process,i've been waiting 3 months now for people to sort out my documents but to no avail,due to them not having all the imformation on me from the MOD,then again the MOD agnoledges me enough to send me a letter that i got the other day,saying i owe them £600 in over pay due to an admin error on their part a while back and are telling me to cough up!
    I think i'm getting a stomach ulcer,can you die from a stomach ulcer?
    I'll let JPA come over and see me in person,while i'm lying on my death bed with me bedpan.
  6. Jesus H Fcking Christ mate, you drip like a gangrenous wound. I take it that you are ex-Mob and are trying to join the RNR. Take charge of the problem. What info is missing? Find it or the person who has it. Get it in front of the AFCO. Solve any outstanding questions. If you want to join, don't let it happen, make it happen.


    PS. I have had a hard day and my tolerance quotient has been set to zero.
  7. YOU DO MAKE ME LAUGH :D :wink:

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