Brown curbing PM powers

Seems good stuff to me!
I reckon we have got a solid bloke at the helm; one who will hopefully shy away from the spin and get down to government.
55 Minutes with Mrs Windsor must be a record, can't think they were only talking of cosy weekends on her Scottish estates.
I'm just thankful that Bliar has gone. I hated everything about his style of presentation and spin. I lost any trust in him and failed to believe a word he said. Watching an interview of Gordo the Broon by Andrew Marr this morning I get a better feeling about him as PM than I ever thought I would. Time will tell.
That all sounds pretty sensible stuff, although I'd have concerns about detail and implementaiton.

American-style “confirmation hearings†by MPs for key public posts

Subject to the posts, but this risks increased and explicit politicisation of the Civil Service and military.

Drawing up a bill of rights.

And this needs to be accompanied by identification of responsibilities in society.
Are you all forgetting this scottish bloke is the same one that has shafted us for the last 10/11 years as Chancellor of the Exchequor and had BLIAR by the balls - what makes you think he will be any better as PM?

Home many stealth taxes has he imposed on us all? Do you REALLY think you're better of with him at the helm? He is a control freak.

How many times has he shafted you all with your pay rises, the same as he has me?

The only good thing he could do is to stop England subsidising Scotland and then perhaps we English may start to have a better Education and Health Service and free university placements, like the Scots we are subsidising.

Can't wait till I get the opportunity to try and vote them out again!

Rant over - expecting Incoming.......


KLNA-Cessna-Jockey said:
Are you all forgetting this scottish bloke is the same one that has shafted us for the last 10/11 years as Chancellor of the Exchequor and had BLIAR by the balls - what makes you think he will be any better as PM?[/quote

Cessna Jockey I agree with you, all the Labour Party have done is replaced one plonker for another. It will not be long before Brown shows the public how inept he really is. The Labour Party is full of wishy washy spineless lemmings - nobody had the resolute to challenge Brown for the leadership, they all gave up before the fight began - what does this tell you about the nerve of the party members?

It won't be long before we get the opportunity to vote him out and I'm sure those who voted for Bliar and the Labour Party in '97 get a chance to correct their past mistakes.

:whdat: ...let the battle commence!
Perhaps he is trying to turn over a new leaf - time will tell. It will, however, be interesting to see how the new Chancellor behaves wrt to funding for the Armed Forces ... assuming of course there are any funds remaining.

I'm also keen to see how the new PM deals with illegal immigration and our increasingly closer ties with Europe.

Sad to admit it, but the political manoeuvres he's tillered over the last week have been excellent. The cabinet reshuffle (other than the Scottish Defence secretary move) was masterful, in terms of making a point of "all change" and catching the opposition off guard (also snookered Cameron's own reshuffle). The calmness and coherent sentences that he's used over the weekend have been, I hate to admit it, examples of good leadership (as far as they go) and this proposed improvement in the democratic process is quite right.

Now, if only he can get his Darling to recind (sp?) on the pensions debacle....oh look, flying pigs!!!
The man is simply making different noises to suit his new circumstances. He wants to tinker further with the Constitution and Britishness has become a catchphrase. For all his enthusiasm for Britishness, don't expect him to provide the means of preserving it. Remember that a CDS and a 1SL before him convinced yer man Blare that they couldn't do what he wanted with what they had. They were both told that they would need to win additional funds from yer man Brown. Yer man Brown is anti Services; ENDEX.
Just a thought many times have you found the number two (1st lieutenant/commander etc) to be a complete barsteward then miricles when he gets made up to be the skipper! he actually turns out to be a good hand! As i said just a thought but.... (PLEEEEESE!)

but don't hold yer breath!
Here's a thing; how many of you think CTG317 would have been deployed in '82 if it had needed a vote by Parliament?

This Prime Minister's and Cabinet Office tyranny didn't actually exist before Neuesarbeit took over. Instead of sodding around with the Nation's foundations, why doesn't he just dismantle the edifice that his fu**wit predecessor built around him? I'm forgetting, though, that it wouldn't achieve the ambitions of the still embedded Old Labour.

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