Brown admits cash for military WAS cut back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Naval_Gazer, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Something that comes as no surprise to most of us:

    I got it wrong at Iraq inquiry admits Brown: Cash for military WAS cut back
    As if this wasn't bad enough, all the equipment procured under UORs since 2001 has placed an additional burden on the Defence budget for staffing, training and maintenance while equipment procured under normal funding has been consumed or worn out much faster than planned under original assumptions owing to nine years of continuous conflict in hostile environments. Also, the Defence Budget was predicated on the 1998 Strategic Defence Review but the Government then proceeded to double the commitments on which it was based. Until then, a 1.5% increase in Defence spending didn't look too bad even though 'defence inflation' was running at a much higher rate.

    There was a triple whammy in that Resource Accounting & Budgeting (RAB) was also implemented in the MoD in 2001. As this imposed an initial 6% penalty (now 3.5%) per annum on all capital items (real estate, storage facilities, equipment, etc) owned by the MoD, there was a rush to dispose of many of its assets including come-in handy items (e.g. equipment and infrastructure only needed in war). The MoD then banked on clawing back the cash savings it had accrued in disposing of these assets but this was easier said than done.
  2. I do hope that Call me Dave and his mates dig further on this because I suspect that with care they can dismantle several other of Pa Broons claims. The real question though on this one is has he admitted that he lied or has he asmitted that he is financially incompetant?
  3. I had a lot of respect for Gordon Brown, this though, may be the final straw for me; I mean cutting the defence budget in real terms AND lying about in front of the mothers and fathers of our brave service men and women.

    Truly enraging.
  4. Anyone who watched this man with his gestures and mannerisms, and general demeanour, on Sky Live last week, would see that he was totally sincere in his belief and statements that he had provided "whole and total support" for the troops, I rather think that he obviously had the same training as Bliar and the Prince of Darkness in 'sincerity' !

    Problem is this 'Inquiry' is turning out to be a total whitewash, in that the questioners are allowing these people to take over with their spurious claims (as has shown to be the truth with Brown).
    It's a crying shame that this not an official enquiry in as much that they have to take the oath .... but then these mealy mouthe lawyer pollies took the oath to uphold the country's laws and look what they did, are still doing, to the country and its citizens.

    What is probably needed is for the general lay public to be the ones sitting on these Inquiries, but of course they can't allow that, we'd be too questioning for the absolute truth from some of these pollies, and that the one thing they are probably terrified of.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do the nurses and orderlies at the hospital treat you well?
  6. You had a lot of respect for Gordon Brown?? WHY??!!!?? 8O

    If this was in a Senate Committee hearing in the US a stupid letter wouldn't be sufficient to correct a major element of his testimony, however I am sure that Chilcott and his band of incompetents will be spineless and allow themselves to be taken for fools. He should, at the very least, be hauled back in front of the enquiry and asked to explain his sudden inability to distinguish between increases and reductions - for a man who is normally pretty comfortable talking numbers he has some explaining to do... basically he decided to say real terms when he knew budgets only went up in cash terms because it sounded better, it was a political decision which resulted in him lying to the inquiry.

    The fact that those lightweights sat their lapping it up without having done even the most basic of research into what would inevitably come up just sums up their performance for me, didn't they think having a good luck at the figures before questioning the former chancellor would have been a good idea!! :x :twisted:
  7. Now now Janner, all these con merchats carry most people along with them. Just think of that Yank who was one of the most respected finacial analysts in the US but was running a ponzi sheme rip off, or Fred the Shred who was every one best mate till his bank went tits up.

    The big problem is that bubbles always burst and that is whe the con gets exposed.
  8. Follow up by the DT:

    Gordon Brown under fire over defence spending climb-down
    A rather misleading statement by Mr Brown's spokesman when, for FY 2009-2010, the Defence budget of £38bn is compared to that of Social Protection (£190bn), Health (£119bn) and Education (£88bn). Even Public Order & Safety is almost as high at £36bn (Wiki link).
  9. 'Kinnel - you had a lot of respect for Brown?

    Even the unwashed porridge wogs of Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath didn't have any respect for him; they just voted for him because of the amount of money he could rob from the English tax-payer and bring into Jockistan.

    Braveheart my arse :thebirdman:
  10. PMSL!!! :D
  11. Whick all brings us back to the heart of the problem. Did Brown and his minions deliberately try to decieve us, or are they just incompetant numpties.
  12. I think Brown the Humourless had 2 choices; miraculously cure himself of selective amnesia or directly call Kevin Tebbit and ACM Stirrup liars.

    He really should be required to present himself again to Chilcot. Perhaps yer man Blare should do similar to explain how he allowed such things to happen.

    Just noticed, launched first.
  13. Because I don't buy into sensationalist crap about all the country's problems laying soley at his doorstep, I understand how UK politics works.

    His leadership through the financial meltdown (again not soley caused by him, he in fact proposed a fiscal cotrol bill that was rejected by the old boy's club) was impressive and although he is not the most gifted orator or anyway near the most authoritive of figures he is a damned sight better than baby boy old boy's club power hungry etonian **** "Dave".

    On this issue alone I had a respect for what he said at the Chilcot Iraq (shambles) of an Inquiry and how he seemed to have supported the effort with strong spending.

    Seems my faith was ill placed.
  14. To add to that: I didn't say when I ceased to respect him. May well have been before any of this BS began.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do you now want to confess a liking for Mandalson? 8O
  16. To admit that guilty pleasure would be to confirm your suspicions of my mental health! :toothy10:

    No of course not, what a silly question!

  17. Whilst it may be true to suugest my MP was not wholly responsible for every actin which caused our present problems he did relax the controls on our banks which allowed them to get into the problems we have all see. He also spent all the 'profits' from the good years so we now have to borrow extensively, and the pound as a result has fallen by some 25% against the dollar despite their problems.

    Not only that but particularly since becoming PM he has shown a real lack of decisiveness, first the snap election then keeping Northern Rock dangling on a string before letting it fall into the abyss. When something similar happened in the land of the Froggies they fixed it over a weekend.

    Do I sound miffed, yes my retirement plans may well be severely curtailed as my pension is now worth 25% less where I wanr to spend much of my timr.

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