Brought a lump to my throat...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stabradop, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Must be smokey in my office.......!
  2. I hope that Tony Blair reads that and does something to ensure that the lads on Ops have the best equipment to try and reduce the deaths but I doubt he will, he doesn't care. It really must the worst letter for anyone to have to write.
  3. Our Tony has a heart of stone and only thinks of his own skin....sadly! Time Ewan joined up!
  4. No chance there imom.
    Ewan couldn't even hack the difficulties of a plum job in the American Senate...... - he'd be as useful as Prince Eddie...!!
  5. ,

    So bloody touching , eye's filled up , know a couple of young lads from the workies , both in the army , one in Iraq one in Afganistan , both just starting there tour of duty , both gung ho , so Fxxxxxxxxg young though , don't even look old enough to be in the forces , my heart goes out to all the families , god bless you all
  6. It's tragic when someone half one's age dies. Pity one cannot come to some arrangement to swap lives! Very, very sad. :(
  7. [quote="imom1406

    Time Ewan joined up![/quote]

    He cant, hes off to One of the Ivy League Colleges in the States!So much for backing our own Education System Tony!!!!
    Total hypocrit!
  8. This is a contiuation, giving some money for this course

  9. I hate it when someone says they "support" the war in Afgan/Iraq. Do such people support the wars enough to go out there themselves and fight? Exactly.

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