Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway



The book is historical fiction, and having finished it yesterday, I must say, Colonel Antal really knows how to write an amazing story.

Like many others, I am a huge fan of the film, "Saving Private Ryan," and of the HBO series, "Band of Brothers." There is something amazing about stories of heroism during the Second World War that never tires or bores. But Colonel John Antal has managed to do something phenomenal in this setting by writing a fictional story based around historical events.

With "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway," Colonel Antal captivates and intrigues readers by shaping historical events through the eyes of fictional characters from the Allied forces, the Dutch resistance, as well as the truly fascinating perspective of the German forces.

Without belittling the true story of the Allied heroes that fought in WWII, and without glorifying the evil Nazi regime, BIA:HH exposes the tremendously wide range of emotions soldiers from each side struggled with. The result of this exposure in the moments of victory and defeat the characters face make this novel not only educational, but captivating.

Colonel Antal writes in a action-paced, cliff-hanger driven fashion, jumping from perspectives, ensuring that any reader will be on the edge of his seat. In fact, besides being billed as "the first official companion novel to the thrilling video game," BIA:HH would no doubt be a perfect fit as a feature film for the big screen.

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