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Brothel offers discounts for jobless men

angrydoc said:
I wonder do you get a better discount if you show your ID card?

Don' know doc but you could always blag your way in by saying that you were carrying out a medical examination on behalf of the crew
That is about the same as the alcholic let out of the mental hospital where he was sent to dry out after selling his bed for whisky. Bed was donated by the social services.

He was let out to go collect his money from the post office[one of those places that will soon be in the history books thanks to BLIAR] anyways the PO happened to be next to the pub.

Many hours later he was found in the watering hole. Dragged before the big man and was about to be sent to the cops when his defence was you know I am an alcho yet you let me go collect my money knowing it was next to a pub. I rest my case.

He was sent back to the tv lounge to sober up.

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