bronze war memorial stolen in nuneaton

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by nutty_bag, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. A Bronze war memorial depicting a Fusilier from the Boer war has been stolen from it's plinth in the centre of nuneaton having been there for more than a century. War veterans from the local RBL has voiced their disgust citing that the culprits should be "put in stocks with rotten friut and veg thrown at them" An absolutely dispicable act! Also in the news report it stated that many poppy appeal collection boxes were stolen in the same area in a seperate incident last year. Your views!!
  2. It probably gone to a scrappy to be melted down.I think a flogging before the stocks would be in order.Is NOTHING sacred these days?
  3. The view i`d like is a front seat at a public flogging.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Bring back the Birch.
  5. As I have mentioned before, bring back the birch, but only in front of their peers. Just imagine them crying and showing fear, remorse, pain and hurt in front of them, the little turds could never take the loss of face! And all it entails.

    Or could we just bring back the hatch cover?
  6. I'm not a Matelot but i like the sound of the "Hatchcover" falling onto said pinkies!! I'm not from Nuneaton, nor from the midlands originally but there seems to be a growing trend of little scroats half-inching dosh that people have stood for long amounts of time collecting within this area!!
    I remember an episode of the NEW STATESMEN when Robin B'stard had his wallet stolen whilst walking down the road with one of his gimps. He then removes a remotely controlled detonating device from his pocket and pushes the button thus blowing the thieving little shyster to smitherenes. Do you get the idea?? This or a 2 hour beasting session with one of the delightful cross-batoned, white t-shirt types on the bottom field at CTCRM. It did me no hard at all and i wound my neck in sharpish!!!
  7. Had a bronze memorial removed up here about three years ago -luckily the 'removers' had taken it whole and tried to sell it that way .

    It was returned anonymously ------------well thats what the newspapers reported anyway :lol: :lol: I did hear of an unofficial version :lol:

    I thought the big price in non ferrous scrap at the moment was shiny copper wire .
  8. Sounds very unhygenic to me and not very nice. Can't we just just string them upsidedown from the nearest lamp post?

    Lets stick to the hatch cover. More humane. No blood please though... or I'd faint! :oops: :oops: :(

  9. Are you MAD?????Think of the H&S repercussions! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. H&S? It would bring the blood to their little heads... before we arrange for the local Halal butcher to swiftly dispatch them... to Iran....
  11. Amputate there fingers under local anaesthetic , so that they could watch , :twisted: sad bastards , hope they fxxxxxxxxxxg rot ,
  12. If you've ever been to Nuneaton you'll understand me when I say it's more likely the inhabitants tried to eat it, fight it or shag it.
  13. In the KSA they have mini guillotines which do the job quickly, neatly and efficiently. Perhaps we should import one? :twisted:

    Seriously though, what they need is to be taught to take responsibility for their actions. They should be allocated a counter job in their local DSS - with no protective screens - for 5 years and their pay should be docked until the cost is fully paid off. :twisted: Then again, maybe that's TOO sadistic?

  14. birching or flogging might turn them into pervs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Perhaps we could get Lance Corporal Jones to sort out their punishement? As he'd say, "They don't like it up 'em!"
  16. Not the birch, the bloody cat with nine tails and I swear to god I will fight anybody for the privilege of lashing seven bells of shit out of the little cowards.

    Education! damn right, they would never, ever forget what the word "sacrifice" means.

    Our dead are on their way home today, home to country that spawns these sub humans-god help us.
  17. Well that will solve any recruiting problems for the Regulating Staff then!!! :wink: :lol:
  18. It is mate and just think of all that copper wire I had access to as the aerials sparker all those years ago. I could be driving around in a Bentley now. :p

    As for the little scrote's who nicked the statue. Catch them, stake them out in the village/town square and then drop the statue on their gypsy thieving hands and balls. :evil:
  19. Castitration... that's it Brigham, castragration...

    1) Take one perpetrator

    2) Position him appropriately at the corner of a suitably positioned hatchway

    3) All crew to 'on' earmuffs

    4) Accidentally drop the hatch door on his bits

    5) Sweep severed bits over ships side

    6) Summon MA to do what's necessary

    7) Post film of accident on YouTube...

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