Bromine in the water

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. OK, I know it's an old rumour but is it true that:

    a: they used to add bromine to the drinking water?

    b: adding bromine to drinking water stops you getting an erection?
  2. Lets have an honest answer from a scab lifter in the know. I got glandular fever whilst in basic and got admitted to sickbay (where you made your own tea as patients) and hard ons that had been noticably absent for a couple of weeks returned with a vengeance. Maybe there was something in the water.
    But then again, maybe I was just busy with other things.
    On reflection though, during basic surrounded by blokes, maybe it was a good thing that I wasn't boned up all the time eh? :?
  3. I too heard that I think they must have stopped it or we have developed resistance to it on the basis of the amount of shagging that was going on last time I was away!...not by me I hasten to add!!

    Life's a bitch!!
  4. We had that rumour flying around in Shotley Barracks - never found out if it was true though.
    Thought it was called 'Bromide' - but whatever.....
    Can't say it stopped me or my messmates from standing up to be counted !!
  5. It should be Bromide. Bromine is a poisonous gas which smells like Chlorine! It would certainly cure the problem by killing you! When I was at school the water was allegedly contaminated with bromide. From what went on when I was at school, if it worked at all, it only worked on me! But that was probably down to lacking half my toggles... :oops:

    Potassium bromide acts as a sedative and supposedly acts to reduce libido. Depression, extreme anxiety and fatigue amongst other things can also reduce libido (as can castration), so I should have thought bromide was completely unnecessary at the G-Place!
  6. Yes it was Bromide, but not in the water, in the tea, and do you know?, I think its begining to work.
  7. So it wasn't in the showers, swimming pool or washing-up water then? Why didn't you all refuse to drink your tea? After all, all you needed to do was suspend a teabag under the shower head, open you mouth and in goes the unadulterated tea! :roll:

    I must be honest, I though you all drank kye and ate hard tack biscuits with weevles in 'em. Are you telling me those Hollywood films were all misleading? 8O
  8. Don't believe everything you see in the movies .... unless it's in colour.

  9. Probably down to fatigue. I remember after one exercise we all commented on the poor performance of our chaps apart from one fellow who claimed to crack one of one night. Guy who had been sharing the basher with him was not to pleased when that piece of news was announced.
  10. We still had sea biscuits in the 70s when I was in Pembroke.
    We had to do mobilisation exercises and these things were in big square, dark green coloured tins (about the size of 4 normal biscuit tins stacked up) - and yes, they were damned hard to chew on, we tried to do it.
    Even dunking in tea didn't work, mind you they had probably been in the tunnels for donkeys, because we were also 'kitting' up reservists in black hats and 'HMS' tallies..!

    As for weevils - a bit of fresh meat was never declined by the real Uncle Arthurs .. :lol:

    I wonder if those tunnels have been cleared yet?
  11. Sounds familiar. When I joined the Observer Corps they were only just phasing out Hairy Mary's - which were much warmer than what they were replaced with. The Radio headsets were eventually replaced, but the ones they used when I started consisted of metal strips which cut into your scalp and bakelite earpieces! We still used 1948 telephone swithboards and other bits of equipment would not have been out of place in a 1930s office! Our bunks, blankets and siren were both made in the early 1950s - before I was born!

    Our ration packs were more modern. On one exercise we were ordered to use them - the rice pudding was amazing - it literally exploded when you punctured the tin! The peaches were all green and furry (yuk!) and the biscuits were very hard too - we soaked them in cocoa (cocoa made with cocoa powder and water and a bit of cognac - I had supplied the Post with a bottle of Martell for emergencies - no sugar, no milk) for a bit - made a sort of porridge! They did taste good, having eaten nothing since breakfast! :) :roll:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think you've all missed the point here, Shakey has a limp dick and is trying to explain it away
  13. After 22 years of marriage bliss today, with 3 children & an ever decreasing bank balance. Sometimes i wish there was still someone still tampering with my brew. And there would not be so many stains [seaman] on my counterpagne[ex spelling] but im still happy ewith all my own teeth & hair ??? cant say the same 4 the mermaid i got spliced luvvelly

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