Broken waters in Devon

Julie Hunt, a local councillor, said: “I think it is immoral, disrespectful and tasteless. Would this be allowed if it was a naked man baring his packed lunch for all to see?”

What's wrong with bloke and a cheese and pickle sarnie?
I would have preferred a statue of a naked John Prescott bent over with his fat arse pointing towards Europe, positioned so the prevailing wind blows through, making a farting noise as it exits. Or Rumrat au natural with, “Ilfracombe is a great place to bring the family for a holiday to remember” written down the length of his shlong.
I'd have thought that Ilfracombe would welcome anything to attract people to the place, it's a toilet!

The flaw in that plan (if you could call it a flaw) is that he would have to fart across the rest of Devon before reaching Europe.
You say that like it was a bad thing.o_O

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