Broken Military Covenant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rosinacarley, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Wonder whether we will see Betty Windsor's signature on this??

  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  3. 4018 Signatures now on the list.

    I am sure she would pawn her jewels if asked.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Come on Bergen, you should know that HM is barred by the Constitution from making any sort of political statement and in over 50 years never has.
  5. Erm, since when did we have a constitution?
  6. Signed
  7. Well not in public.

    Seaweed, I do believe the good doctor got it wrong, should that not be the low road to England?
  8. and that's all we're talking about isn't it? after all we're all entitled to an opinion as long as we keep it to ourselves eh!
  9. Dear me Hig, I can email you my essays from when I did Public law. We do not have a written constitution per se, but there is a constitution none the less.

    May I point you in the direction of the following

    Bill of Rights 1688
    Statute of Westminster 1931
    Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949
    European Communities Act 1973
    Our membership of the EC and ECHR
    Human Rights Act 1998
    Scotland Act 1998
    Northern Ireland Act 1998
    Freedom of Information Act 2000
    and more importantly case law.

    Once you have studied A V Dicey, nothing is ever the same again.

    On that note, I have come over all funny and need to lie down.
  10. No public political statements but I'm damned sure that she is royally hacked off by the abuse of Her Armed Forces by the likes of The Sainted Tony:-

    It was revealed in May of 2007 that the Queen was "exasperated and frustrated" by the actions of then Prime Minister Tony Blair, especially by what she saw as detachment from rural issues, as well as a too casual approach (he requested that the Queen call him "Tony"), and a contempt for British heritage, on his part. She was also rumoured to have showed concern with the overtaxation of the British Armed Forces though overseas engagements, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as "surprise" over Blair's shifting of their weekly meeting from Tuesday to Wednesday afternoons – "surprise" being a genteel word to describe "seriously annoyed." She was supposed to have raised her concerns with Blair repeatedly at these meetings, though she has never revealed her opinions on the Iraq War itself.[44] The relationship between the Queen and her husband and Blair and his wife was also reported to be distant, as the two couples shared little common interests.

  11. Duly signed!
  12. Think it was the Falklands rememberance service where dearest Cherry raised her eyebrows to HMQ which I thought was a sign of disrespect for a person in her position. Mind I always thought that person was running the country anyways!!!! PRAT!!!!!
  13. A brief update for all those interested. There was a Debate in Westminster Hall on Tuesday (see: HC Hansard: 16 Oct 07, Cols 233-241WH) on the military covenant initiated by John Barrett (Edinburgh West).
  14. Very interesting to read that Mr Twigg is intent on comparing the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. But surely these two cannot be compared? UK plc did not send those claiming under the CICS out to be subjected to an assault by A N Other, whereas we do send Servicemen to a situation where it is completely predictable that they will be killed or injured.

    In fairness, there is never a mention of the pension income side of settlements for injured Servicemen, but £280k would never be enough to purchase a properly adapted home for a severely disabled individual, no matter where that home might be.

    As to providing through-life support to injured ex-Service personnel, until, or unless there is a fully-funded veterans organisation as in the USA or Australia, it would be best for the Minister to zip it.
  15. update

    EDM 2187 has just been made and signed as below.

    Let us hope that our MPs will re-introduce this EDM in the new session, starting 6 October. This EDM will not be signable after the House Proroges on 30 October.

    Made: 25.10.2007

    Introduced by: Barrett, John

    5 signatures

    Carmichael, Alistair
    Moore, Michael
    Reid, Alan
    Thurso, John

    That this House recognises the immense bravery of all UK armed forces personnel who have served or are currently serving the UK; congratulates the Royal British Legion on its It's time to Honour the Covenant campaign; notes that the Military Covenant enshrines the agreement between the state and the armed forces that service personnel will forsake their own safety in the defence of others, in return for which the state will support them and their families in times of need; believes that this articulates the UK's moral obligation to its armed forces; but is concerned that certain aspects of the Military Covenant are not being delivered; considers that there ought to be a greater Government commitment to support the physical and mental health of current and former service personnel; calls on the Government to provide a more just compensation scheme which will shift the burden of proof away from the injured party and back to the Secretary of State; and further calls for additional support for bereaved service families.
  16. More on the topic here: HC Hansard: 25 Oct 07, Col 473W

    Armed Forces

    Mr. Hollobone: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what recent representations he has received from Royal British Legion members on the military covenant. [160645]

    Derek Twigg: The Secretary of State and I both received letters dated 12 September, from Frances Done, then director general of the Royal British Legion, formally notifying the Ministry of Defence of the public launch of the ‘Honour the Covenant’ campaign on 13 September and setting out its principal concerns.

    Since the launch of the campaign, Ministers have received in excess of 200 representations from members of the public concerning the Military Covenant. A majority of these have used the proforma generated by the Royal British Legion or state that they are writing on its behalf but we do not know the exact number of the correspondents who are members.
  17. Thanks Thingy.. very interesting. read :thumright:

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