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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by PeglegMne, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick one...
    Broke my fib and tib badly back in October playing football (similar to Arsenals Aaron Ramsey) and underwent surgery, IM nailing screws etc, and have been on sick leave since recovering whilst doing physio inbetween seeing the consultant. Have been given sick note until I see the orthapedic doc again in May due to the break not being healed yet, pain when walking, swelling etc.
    However just received a call from work telling me that sickbay have decided I am fit to return to work in some capacity so see you Monday! So I am just wondering where I stand as regards to the sick note I received from the civilian doc as I do not feel ready to return to work yet due to the injury still causing me more than a few problems moving around???
    Be grateful if anyone could shed any light on the matter.
    Thanks, Pegleg x :?:
  2. Pusser works on fitness to travel, not fitness to work. Pusser and civvy have different views/rules etc. PM Angrydoc for the gen dit.
  3. its looking that way at the minute aswel as the getting the p*** ripped out of me for the limp!
  4. PLM

    Please see your Private Messages.
  5. Pegleg Mne

    Common problem. A civvy doc cannot make a decision on a Serviceman's fitness to serve as they don't know what your job entails or about the fact you can be alternatively employed until you fully recover.

    All they can certify is unfitness to travel, but this is almost never the case and I have personally overturned many of these.

    Where do you stand - if you have been told to go back to your base sickbay then that is your place of duty. You will be formally downgraded and it will br up to your Unit to find something for you to do. You can't fight this one with your civvy letter I'm afraid.

    RN Medical Officer
  6. A few years ago I was in the same predicament.I had a motorbike accident whilst on weekend leave. Broke tib and fib. Ended up pinned with bone grafts. I received a phone call from the sickbay saying that some body was going to pick me up and take me back to work,, (HMS Cambridge). I know I did say it was a few years ago. I phoned up the surgeon who then phoned Cambridge, he was then told that if in his opinion I could not travel then it was his call. I ended up with 16 months at home. TBH I was bored shitless....

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