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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by peehead, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. going back 2 years i broke my wrist (scathpoid), well i have full mobility of my wrist and can do press ups no problem and day to day tasks, though some times my wrist gets sore say after doin 60 pressups but i can still carry on, i,ve been to the hospital and they,ve told me its fine an its healed. sombody said to me it has healed but you,ve ripped ligaments in your wrist, would this prevent me from joining, should i go back up the hospital and ask them to look into it
  2. Doctor--->Medical records--->AFCO.

    Only one way to find out, mate.
  3. Hi peehead, did a similar thing 18 months ago, suffered a collies fracture and managed to break both the radius and the ulna in the same arm. That didn't give me any problems in my medical, the doc just checked that I had the full range of movement and that was that.

    I wouldn't worry about it if I was you, the doc will check it over at the medical and if there are any problems he or will let you know then and there.
  4. Putting my pedantic hat on, you had a Colles-like fracture and not a Colles fracture (as I am presuming you're not a post-menopausal woman - as originally described by Prof Colles (1773-1843)).

    The rest is right though - if all's well then there isn't a problem.
  5. I'm assuming you mean it was your SCAPHOID bone you fractured. What amazes me is that you are doing 60 press-ups at all. Didn't the orthopod advise you to AVOID strenuous activities ?

    To quote an old and much loved orthopaedic surgeon I used to work for ,when a gentleman came in and said he had pain in his groin after running 20 miles, was told to run only 10 !! Practical advice indeed. Did you strap your wrist up when doing the press-ups ?? Probably not. Good luck.
  6. If he still had probs with his now hopefully healed scaphoid 2 years down the line I'd be pretty concerned.

    You need a CT +/- MRI scan of that wrist. It could be ligaments, there's an outside chance of a non-healed fracture but hopefully not if all was handled well 2 years ago.

    GP then onwards to a hand surgeon. Your Service life will have to wait I'm afraid.
  7. what if there was a chance the fracture never fully heard would having an op ( like a screw put in ) be to late,my doctor told since I'm only 22 it would heal fine were I,m young. I do weights alot and can bench press fine, but what if it were my ligaments would there be any thing i can do about it?
  8. Personally speaking, I think that your best bet is this:

    1 Ring your GP's practice this afternoon and ask for an appointment. Do it.
    2 At the appointment, explain that you wish to apply to join the Royal
    Navy and that a RN Doctor has advised that you should have a scan on
    your wrist before you begin the recruitment process. Ask your GP to
    book you in for that scan ASAP. Afterwards, either the GP or the
    hospital will be in a position to write a letter to the AFCO's Doctor,
    confirming that your wrist is OK. At the moment, they can't make that
    3 If you wish (I'm willing to be corrected on this), I see no reason why you
    shouldn't call in on your local AFCO and have a chat with the CAs there
    about what might interest you and pick up some info to take home.
    Explain about getting the scan when you are there and say that you will
    be back in touch when you have a clear picture re your wrist.

    I think that wondering and fretting about various possible outcomes isn't helpful at this point. You need to do the pro-active stuff now. Start by seeing your GP.
  9. great reply thanks :D
  10. Try using the other hand!
  11. janner

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    thought you might have been able to give some advice on this thread 8O :lol:

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