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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by janner, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm with BT for phone and broadband at the moment. What are others using and what sort of service are you getting.
    BT does what it says by seems a bit expensive compared with others, thinking of changing and just wondered how others compare.
  2. I am with AOL and pay for 8mb broadband.

    In general I am unhappy with the service as we rarely get advertised speeds (800kbps download, 400kbps upload). AOL also cap download speeds (which means we get VERY slow internet at certain times of the day). We contacted AOL about this as we are supposed to get unlimited broadband, however there is a tiny clause deep in their small print which allows them to do it. More false advertising in my opinion.

    Also the customer service is utterly shocking and we have never been able to solve an issue with AOL's help. This is probably due to the fact that "Dave" from India, who can speak about 10 words of English, always insists on re-installing the AOL software, and failing that re-installing Windows, no matter what issue has been raised (I kid you not, we had problems with the router AOL sent us [was not turning on] and he insisted all we needed to do was re-install AOL).

    The only reason that we are still with AOL is because every time the contract is about to run out AOL will contact us asking to renew it. and as soon as you tell them you are leaving AOL they will offer a faster service for the same price you are paying. However, as no more upgrades are available and with the quality of service at an all-time low we will most defenetely be leaving AOL this January.
  3. I had BT at one time was thrown of for abuse. Love that word ABUSE!

    I/we abused the system by staying on to long!

    Did you not read your contract page eighty four eighteenth line down!

    This was on money pgm one afternoon BT ripping everybody off with ANYTIME package it was not anytime

    ISP I think it is one of those things I get a great service but you don't!

    Think a lot according to the mate goes on your line connection WEAR AND TEAR ETC.

    BT was down over Christmas for three days on the landline yet the net was still up and running.

    Modem went kaput due to a electrical storm. Borrowed brothers it worked fine. Contacted Wanapoo please to be checking filters kind sir said Malcom from downtown Bombay.

    Told him filters are fine just need a modem. Malcom was none to happy about this informing me that he is a technician has he turned page four over from his fault finding manuscript.

    Not to be liking your attitude spoke Malcom sternly to be putting phone down on you soon. No prob do it for you Malcom!

    Bernard from Dehli was best when he informed me he had a sore throat! Forget it!

    We have eircom in Ireland my good Lady signed for the cheapest package. I will just make a cuppa tea while it connects!! Get what you pay for I reckon.
  4. VirginMedia (Ex-Telewest) Phone/TV/BroadBand - sometimes
    use next-doors unencrypted Wireless Connection, if I leave
    the patio doors open.
    Oh, and you can't beat a bit of the "Perks of work" either.
  5. I have been with BT for some time Janner, expensive yes but totally reliable, in the future you may wish to recieve digital TV through your phone line ......all the cabinets from other cable providers are about as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking contest, doors open, cabinet housing missing altogether and innards trashed.
  6. this may sound crazy billy read about someone fined for theft for using some one elses bandwith
  7. Try PlusNet; I've had this for a year or more, always get good connection. 0800 694 0016 Tell them we sent ya!!
  8. Your choice is really only between cable or phone line. Phone line has the disadvantage of the speed dropping the further you are away form the exchange but you still pay the tarif you signed up for.
    This don't happen with cable.
    Main fault with cable is that it is not available in all areas.

    Customer services I think are all the same - shit, though never had a problem myself as never had to call them.

    AOL is the crappiest of the lot. They have a system so different from everyone else that you can't use half the available facilities.
    Have you noticed that on lots of things there is a download button and a notice saying if you are wtih AOL ring this number.
  9. I'm with Virgin.
    20meg :)
  10. Has anybody used Orange's broadband, and if so how would you rate it?
  11. I bet you are!
  12. Wot?
    I am, indeed, geeky.
  13. Yes and the phone package too (mine is an old contract that gives phone calls to 100 countries for a fiver a month).
    By and large the broadband, an advertised 10megs, has been reliable. The phone can sometimes be a tad erratic; no more problem though than hanging up and re dialling.
    As for the speed then it seems no faster than a 3meg connection I use in Spain. It all depends on the traffic/demand and not the advertised speed I suppose.
    Other than that I have had no problems.
  14. I've had it for almost a year - having taken up their offer aof very cheap full servcei tied to my mobile phone contract. I'd rate it as poor to moderate, especially with some very low speeds at times -since Boxing Day for example it's been dreadful - down to 88kbps at times.

    The service I have is up to 8mbps, best I have seen is around 6, which would be fine if it were consistent, but it isn't. Now maybe this is a line problem, but given that when I was previously using Pipex over the same line, I didn't get the same variability, I suspect not.
  15. Realise that. What happens is the system automatically
    hunts for any connections it can find...any 3G unencrypted
    connections just show up (Any in *range*)...I think.

    Only joking really.....been with TeleWest/VirginMedia since
    before it was TeleWest, and I've never had any problems whatsoever.

    (Typing this should have put the Kiss of Death on that!) :w00t:
  16. If you wish to find out your broadband availability clicky da linky, enter your postcode and/or telling bone number, click on 'check', then click on BT ADSL.

    To find out your actual download and upload speeds click here.

    TitanADSL & both seem to get good reviews (see top 10 ISPs) but both also seem to be a little bit more expensive compared to some of the other packages.

    I'm somewhat drawn towards Be or O2 on a balance between cost, speed, contract length, monthly download limit & installation/connection fee. Has anybody any experience of either of these two, and would you recommend them?
  17. Broadband services appear to overtaken double glazing and second had car sales as the way to rip off the public.

    Practically all ISPs blatantly advertise "up to 8mbs" for ADSL ( which most people are on - cable does give better speeds, but don't know enough to comment on its reliability/quality), when this is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Take my case. I started with broadband with PlusNet, had very poor reliability- lots of drop out etc. Eventually BT came out, sorted out the pot mess of wiring in the house (which THEY originally installed !), put me in a dedicated ADSL socket, all for free. Well done BT ! However, the BT man told me that due to the distance from the exchange and other factors the best I would ever get would be 2mbs. No probs.
    My service from PlusNet settled down at about 1.4 mbs, then after about a year went downhill rapidly, at times I was getting dial-up speeds, best was about 800 kbs. (Of course all this was "up to 8mbs".)
    I then shifted to Zen, speed was 1.9mbs initially then dropped to 1.4mbs and stayed there. I moved house recently and am 300yds from the exchange. I am now consistently getting around 6.5mbs with VERY occasional drops to 4mbs. Still with Zen.

    What is most interesting is some of the info on the Zen website. They, along with all the others are selling an "up to 8mbs" service. The "8mbs" is asterisked, if you look at the bottom of the page you then read:

    "* Please note:

    * Actual download speeds will be no higher than 7,150Kbps
    * BT Wholesale estimates that 78% of customers will achieve download speeds of 4Mbps and above.
    * Fluctuation in line speed is expected to occur within the first 10 days of service whilst your line speed adapts to the maximum it can reliably support.
    * It is likely that speeds no greater than 2Mbps will be achieved at peak usage times.
    * Speeds are affected by line length, quality and peak Internet usage periods and will range from 160Kbps to 7150Kbps."

    Zen have a reputation as one of the more reputable and reliable ISPs - but it appears that their "up to 8mbs", will NEVER be more than 7.15mbs and could be as low as 160kbs.

    I fully appreciate that there are a lot of variables which decide ADSL speeds, but I think a lot of the advertising is sailing pretty close to the wind.
    Generally, with ISPs, I think the bottom line is that you get what you pay. On the couple of occasions that I have had to speak to Zen I get an immediate reply from someone in Bradford not Bombay (sorry, Mumbai !) and they can understand me and I can understand them.

    20mb broadband, always fast especially for downloading, 17.50 a month on fixed 12 month contract, £20 a month for a 3 month contract which you can then keep going on and only have to give a months notice.
  19. I used to be with Wannado, which was very good, before it was taken over by Orange. After that it was absolute crap!! :evil:

    It took quite a lot of time and hassle to escape from Orange,and I can't recommend them. :evil:

    My ISP now is Madasafish, which is very reliable and reasonably priced.
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cannot supply to my phone line

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