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At the moment I am currently awaiting a date for my AIB and would like a detailed breakdown of your training at BRNC week by week. I have searched on RR and elsewhere and have struggled to find a detailed guid to training, so I would be more than grateful if newly qualified Officers or Officer Cadets undergoing training could post on here to help myself and other Potential Officer Candidate


Blimey, you don't want much do you - do some more digging. There is so much info within the Newbie section - to repeat it all would just be a waste. We don't want Officers that need to be spoon fed (I can see some jokes coming from that!!) everything - use some initiative, it will stand you in very good stead if you do pass, get through Dartmouth and all the rest of the training after that.
If in doubt, ask your careers office, they should be able to give you the latest booklet on the training.
Unfortunately, the problem with this site is everyone (including me!!) has their own opinion and slant, not all of it correct all of the time - I joined up nearly 5 years ago and the amount things have changed at Dartmouth is huge!!
There is no week by week detail, on the Navy website, and on the information given to you, you can find out what each Term entails, which is all you will be asked for at the AIB.

Come BRNC I would be under the suspicion that during your first 7 week Military Training Phase, you don't ask questions and listen to your training team. In the latter phases of Academic development more awareness is needed.

But as has been said its all there for you to find out, or talk about it with your ACLO at an early stage, not in the Pre-AIB interview.


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All you will need for your AIB is your views on your chosen path and aspirations for your career. Don't get too down in the weeds about what happens at BRNC - its not necessary at the moment. Once successful at AIB you will get all the info you need in your pre joining instructions.

Good luck - let us know how you got on.


I was asked about the broad outline of the training program i could expect as a submarine warfare officer. They wanted a broad sweep of the terms at BRNC, militarisation(term1) initial sea time etc. However they also wanted information about the further training so the general fleet time, warfare specific fleet time and then in my case submarine training and initial fleet time.

They want to know you have a broad sweep of things rather than the ability to memorise the week by week schedule at Dartmouth. All you will need in on the BRNC website, but most importantly don't forget that your training doesn't stop when you finish at Dartmouth. The officer profiles on the navy website are best for this look for the lieutenants profiles