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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by blondeblackbelt, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. I've been lurking on the forum for a while now and have not found the answer to my question, but I apologise if it's already been asked...

    Is training at BRNC a normal working week, Mon-Fri?
    The reason I ask is, say you have important family engagements at the weekend (e.g wedding) are you able to leave for the weekend? Or does it not work like that?

    Thankyou in advance
  2. :roll: :roll: 09OO to 1600 Monday to Thursday :wink: Loads of Make and Mends and Standeasys. :wink: LWE Leave every Weekend, 3weeks off at Easter/ :wink: Summer/ :wink: Chrimbo Sir. Hig will confirm the above :lol: :lol:
  3. If you are Irish you automatically get a four day pass if it's for a wedding. Commodore BRNC makes sure that the College does not practice institutional racism.
  4. I don't think it has already been asked. Not even TIM would ask a question like that. :crazy:

    It's the RN you're joining, not the RAF.
  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sort leave at BRNC is limited, particularly during the early stages because of the amount of training to be done along with the need to militarise the new joiners (bless). As you progress up the food chain the opportunities for short weekend leave do improve. If there are exceptional, and that is exceptional in the strictest meaning of the word, then individual cases are examined on their merit.
  6. Perhaps this will be useful (link):

    Preparation for this regime begins at Dartmouth. Unless things have changed, no leave is available during the first six weeks of training. Even after this, night leave and weekends off are to be regarded almost as privileges, not rights, although compassionate cases are always treated sympathetically. At the risk of sounding pompous, service in the Armed Forces entails exceptional sacrifices and is still a way of life, not just a job. On the upside, you and the people with whom you live and work will share a special bond to the end of your days, not just for the duration of your job/career.
  7. Thankyou for the quick responses everyone.

    The concern stems from my mom worrying about whether I would be able to come back for my brothers wedding, i'm bridesmaid. I'd pretty much promised her that there would be no problem in me returning home for it...but didn't really do my homework.

    Thanks again.
  8. I think you'd get leave for a wedding of a brother/sister - the first seven weeks of BRNC is basically seven days a week, though, and it'd be a bit harder to get away when on IST of course. When does the wedding fall in terms of weeks into your BRNC time?
  9. The wedding is on a saturday (thankfully) although ideally I would need to get back home on the friday evening.
  10. Yes, but when is it - week one, week two etc?
  11. Sorry! Misunderstood before.

    I'm way ahead of myself here, i'm still in the pretty early stages of my application at the moment. So I don't know what week the wedding will fall on. It was just a matter of interest, so I could give my mom some kind of comfort that I will be at my brothers wedding whether I get into BRNC or not!
  12. Shouldn't be a problem, obviously you will be aware of the specific date so plan ahead! Let them know in advance and have it booked.
  13. When is the wedding? You'd be moving pretty fast to be in by Jan 2010, quite frankly, now that there are only three entries a year. You can only join in Jan, April and September. The worst times would be in the first seven weeks after joining.
  14. The wedding is June 2010.

    Does less entrys mean they are cutting down on officers all together or just taking on more people on the selected dates?
  15. The rationale for fewer entries (not "less entrys") at BRNC is outlined on the RR website here. In fact, it's a return to the previous three-entry system which seemed to work well for many years.
  16. If you join in Sept 09 you'll be close to passing out in June 2010, in your third term at the College, and a weekend leave should be easy. Join in Jan 10 and you'll most likely be at sea, and join in April 10 and you'll be around the end of the first seven week period (depending if it's early, mid or late June), so probably do-able, but not easy.

    Or you can hope that your brother changes his mind about his future bride in the intervening 18 months, and cancels the whole thing :D I know marriages that lasted less ....
  17. I'm guessing should I pass my AIB (which I don't have the date for yet) with a good pass it's still unlikely i'll make the Sep 09 join?
  18. No problem, slip your brother a couple of hundred quid and get him to elope :p
  19. It does depend on a) your AIB marks and b) your chosen branch - get a really high mark and aim for a less popular branch and Sept 09 is a possibility.

    I passed AIB in Feb, and joined the immediate April, but that was before computers, so things were faster, and I went in as Pilot, which is not very popular :wink:
  20. I'm planning on going into Logistics? Any idea how popular each branch is?

    (Thanks for all the sound advice and congrats on the quick entry!)

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