BRNC to becoming a navigational officer and gaining PWO status

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I am currently going though the process of joining as a warfare officer. (Pre-SIFT interview)
There are two reasons why i want to know the process from joining BRNC to becoming a navigational officer and gaining PWO status. The first being that i want to know what i'm getting into. Secondly its something that i was told would come up in the interview.
I have looked in every place i can think of but i cant find a definitive answer.
What i could really do with is a step by step guide with timescales of what happens and where it takes place.
And if you could explain any abbreviations that you use, that would be most helpful. Just as everyone seams to use them and i have no idea what most of them mean.
Thank you every so much.

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Until someone with the spare time puts together a bespoke guide for you, try the search function, search terms:

warfare PWO BRNC

The G

I have tried the search and at each place i looked i got something different. The order in which things are done is different and the timescales.
Thanks but i'm looking for something a bit more detailed. ;)
4 - 6 years OOW, 2 - 4 NO, PWO course. Sea jobs are at sea, all training at Collingwood. Timescales will vary dependent on a host of things, principally how good you are and the needs of the service.

I know people who are FNOs after 1 OOW job and those who've never been recommended for it.
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