If you can wait till this time next Friday I'll tell you all about it!

What I do know now, is that starting from Monday 16th April SUY entrants will undertake a foundation week and the be fully integrated with the Direct Entry cadets for the 10 week Marinisation phase. The DE cadets will have already done a 10 week Militarisation phase, which includes their leadership assessment on Dartmoor. The Marinisation phase focuses on developing sea sense and other professional skills, culminating in a leadership exercise on the River Dart. (All taken from the Pre-joining guide)

There is a DIN out, 2011DIN07-186, about fitness preparation for the course which is included in the joining instructions.

That's about as much as I know I'm afraid. Until I left the boat 3 weeks ago I was under the impression that SUYs were still doing the bespoke 7 week course.
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